2018 goals and plans

I usually wake up first day of the new year with goals in hand ready to get started. This year my only goal has been so far to get through one day at a time while my foot heals and wait for normal life to resume again. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have things I want to work on this year though! One more week and then I get the stitches out of my foot and then hopefully I’ll be cleared to walk on it.

A while back the children’s librarian asked me and another homeschool mom who brings her daughter to story time if we would be interested in a kids who code class for homeschoolers. We told her we would be but I hadn’t heard anything about it since. I opened up the newsletter from our homeschool co-op and there is a coding class for homeschoolers at the library now! I quickly signed up E and I’m looking forward to her getting to attend. I don’t know much at all about coding. The librarian said the kids will learn to program a toy mouse and even kids as young as my preschooler can learn to do it. It will be different than anything E has done before and I’m so excited about this free opportunity for her! That’s one thing I’m looking forward to this year.

I have a short list of goals this year. I usually (okay, always) go overboard on goal setting so I’m trying to keep this list short.

2018 Goals for my children

  1. potty train T.J
  2. I want E to recognize the letters of the alphabet and know the sounds the letters make before she finishes preschool (I know I can’t control if she’s ready to learn these things or not but I can work to expose her to this information and find fun ways for her to learn)
  3. Next school year, (this August) I want to join the weekly co-op classes for homeschoolers in our area
  4. Next school year (if she shows interest) I would like to sign up E for piano lessons
  5. now that we have wifi I want to introduce E to some preschool prodigy videos on youtube https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HdRkFFdkhm4
  6. decide on homeschool curriculum for kindergarten in the fall

2018 Goals to improve my health

  1. I want to print out a food, insulin and blood sugar log and start using it to help gain tighter diabetes control. Last year I aimed for a specific A1C. This year I’m going to focus on building this habit
  2. This winter while it is cold outside I want to at least twice a week use the elliptical trainer upstairs to get exercise while it is cold outside

2018 Miscellaneous goals and plans

  1. I want to attend a meeting to learn more about foster care in our area. My goal is just to gain more information on the needs of foster children and their families in our area
  2. At some point this year I would like to put on another “Grandma’s tea party” for my nieces and daughter like I did before

Mostly I want to go into the New Year remembering with excitement that this could be the year the Lord returns! 

Share with me in the comments, did you make any New Year resolutions? How do you plan to meet your goals?


I still have so much to learn!

Tonight my husband and I were discussing the Gospel of Luke. He said something about Luke being a Gentile. I said, “What? I thought the disciples were all jewish?- what? Luke wasn’t a disciple!?” And then while I sat and crocheted he looked up the names of the disciples. No Luke. I guess because the Gospel of Luke is sandwiched between Mark and John I just thought he was one of the 12 disciples. I also learned this Sunday that Luke wrote Acts and percentage wise wrote more of the New Testament than Paul. I’ve been reading God’s Word since I was 5 but I still have so much to learn!

Speaking of learning.. our “Schole sister” group meet up today to do watercolors. We had been meeting to discuss the book For The Children’s Sake By: Susan Schaeffer but after we finished the book we are now continuing to meet but to do fun stuff with our kids. Last month we baked and decorated cookies, today we played around with watercolors.

If you’re curious, the Greek word for leisure (schole) is the origin of Latin scola, English school. It means “leisure”. The idea is leisurely learning for both mom and kids. (I had to look that one up first time I heard it so I thought I may not be the only one who didn’t know what it meant!)

As you can see in the cover photo I didn’t let the kids have all the fun and spent some time trying to copy Beatrix Potter and make my own little Jemima Puddle Duck.

 Lauren taught us some different techniques using salt, rubbing alcohol and crayons.

Some of the finished creations. Share in the comments, anything new you’ve been learning lately?

Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret By: Frederick Howard Taylor

I’ve been listening to this biography on Hudson Taylor this past week titled Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret By Frederick Howard Taylor originally published 1932. It’s a riveting read! It’s hard to pause the audio and go do anything else when I want to hear what happens next!

I was wondering how someone could write such a detailed biography on Hudson Taylor until I looked at the authors name again and realized it was written by his own son!

Today is my nephew Hudson Taylor’s birthday and I’ll have to tell him I’ve been learning about this great missionary he was named after.

I got interested in learning more about Hudson Taylor and his ministry after reading Safely Home By Randy Alcorn which references Hudson Taylor’s work often.

When my kids get older, maybe mid to upper elementary school age I plan to read them this book! Hudson Taylor’s life and writings have been growing and challenging my faith and trust in God and I know it will yours as well!



Making plans to study the Bible in 2018

This year I read through the Bible using this Bible reading plan;


This year I’d like to slow down as I go through a smaller portion of scripture. Searching around the internet I found the study below written by Nancy Guthrie. I’ve read some of her stuff before and what I’ve read has been both solid and encouraging.

If I go through this 10 week study and decide I liked it she has several other books including The Son of David (A 10-week Bible Study): Seeing Jesus in the Historical Books, The Wisdom of God (A 10-week Bible Study): Seeing Jesus in the Psalms and Wisdom Books, The Lamb of God (A 10-week Bible study) Seeing Jesus in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy and also The Word of the Lord (A 10-week Bible Study): Seeing Jesus in the Prophets 

I’ll let you know what I think of it when I’m done.



Do you have goals made for studying God’s Word in 2018? Would you share them with me? Have a Happy New Year!

God answered and I laughed

I think it would be appropriate for you to call me Sarai for a few days. Since my surgery on Tuesday morning I have been praying and asking God to provide me with help to care for my children as my foot heals. As I told you my niece Mercy came Monday night thru Friday this week but it’s been kind of confusing trying to make plans for help next week for a variety of reasons. I’ve asked God repeatedly to help me to trust Him. I told Him I trusted He would provide for me. When His provision came I at first laughed at it and said I didn’t need it.

My husband came home the other day and from my view on the recliner it looked like he was crouching down. He came around the corner of the couch and was kneeling on the scouter contraption you can see in the photo. T had rented it from a medical supply place in town for a couple weeks. When I first saw it I laughed and immediately said I would just stick with the crutches. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate it, it’s that I was embarrassed and proud. I didn’t want to admit that I would need a wheelie contraption to help me. My knee jerk reaction to life is that I’m fine and I don’t need any help. I can do it myself! Maybe it’s because I was born a yankee but admitting I need help or accepting help is incredibly difficult for me. Here I am though having spent several very sanctify days of having to ask for and accept help for practically everything.

I apologized to my husband and admitted I was just being proud and don’t like to be viewed as high maintenance.  It cost money to rent the scooter and it was humbling to need to spend money on myself. I swallowed my pride and got on the scooter thing and my life improved a ton! Today I could cook and get things that I needed and follow the kids around. I even hung a bag on the front and could scoot things from one room to the other. I can get diapers and wipes, put them in the bag and then change T.J on the couch. I can’t really do much cleaning but I can stack the dishes in the sink.

Because of a variety of reasons getting help next week kept getting more and more complicated. God provided me instead a wheelie scooter and now I feel me and the kids can hold our own no problem. I finished reading Hinds Feet in High Places By Hannah Hurnard and in the books one of the lessons learned on the way to the mountain of Love is acceptance with joy. I keep repeating that phrase in my mind. Whatever comes Lord, give me the grace to accept it with joy!

The kids like the wheelie scooter thing as well since they get rides!

Have you had a time when God provided for your needs in an unexpected way? How has God used life’s circumstances to produce humbleness in you?

Sitting here with my foot up..

I had my bunion surgery this morning as I had written about before. God is so good! My biggest concern going into the surgery was the fact that stress on my body and medication can cause unpredictable blood sugars. At first this morning in pre op I was told my pump had to come off and I couldn’t bring in my continuous glucose monitor and I couldn’t have any insulin all morning. I expected that as there usually is confusion in hospitals surrounding the difference between type 1 diabetes care and type 2 diabetes care. I asked if I could keep it on until I spoke with the anesthesiologist. When I explained to him why it would be beneficial to keep it on he immediately said I could keep it on. He even took my continuous glucose monitor into surgery after confirming with blood work that it was accurate.

My blood sugar stayed steady all morning! I really feel like that was a blessing from my Heavenly Father. There were so many variables, fasting, stress, medication, etc. that usually cause rises and falls in glucose levels that I believe it was an answer to pray that it stayed so steady. I’m running a little high since I’ve been home and started the antibiotic but all I have to do is set a temporary basal on my pump. My body is used to being active so it’s normal that I’ll need some extra insulin while I sit around.

I also am incredibly grateful for my niece Mercy who has come to stay with me and take care of my children while I recover. When I posted a while back about not knowing what to do for child care at the time I was really worried! I prayed about it and then Mercy sweetly offered! It hadn’t even crossed my mind to ask her! God provided!

God has also provided me with the tender care of T my husband who took the day off to drive me, monitor my blood sugar and has been generally waiting on me hand and foot. At the moment Mercy took the children outside to play and T is doing some work in the yard. I’m spending this moment writing out this testimony of thanksgiving to my Abba Father who daily provides for me all my needs! He is a good God to trust in!

The hospital the doctor choose to do the surgery in is fairly new and everything felt very clean and modern which was a comfort to me. I thank God for access to medical care and my husbands’s job that allows me to get that care. I’m also very thankful for modern drugs that provide pain relief!

Also, I’m thankful for family and a church family who all were praying for me. The body of Christ is an amazing thing!

Recovery is going to be a little longer than I expected. The procedure was a little more intense than what we thought it would be because the doctor found what he described as a large cyst in my foot and after removing the cyst had to put something in my foot to help the area heal normally. He said I’ll have to stay off my foot for 3 weeks. The cyst explained why what used to be an uncomfortable bunion turned into an extremely painful and inflamed area. I’m glad it’s out and I’m looking forward to not being the nerd wearing socks with sandals any more! (I might still be a nerd I just won’t be wearing socks with sandals 😛 )

I went into surgery thinking it would be 5-7 days off my feet and that felt like a huge amount of time. But now that I have seen God’s provision this morning, I am not worried about the length of time any more. I know and trust that whatever I need my God will provide it for me!

I started a couple days ago reading Hinds Feet on High Places By Hannah Hurnard. The book is an allegory a lot like Pilgrim’s Progress. Right now I am in chapter 6 as Much-Afraid struggles with the reality that The Shepherd is going to have her walk through a desert. She is confused and scared but after pleading with Him not to go through the dessert she is in a place of surrender where her love for Him becomes bigger than her fear of the desert and she begins to trust the Shepherd that the best can come only by going through the desert.

As I uploaded the photos for the post I realized the irony of reading a book about God giving feet like hinds feet to a partially crippled girl while I sit here unable to use my foot! Seems appropriate, there must be something here that God is trying to teach me!





Books I Read In 2017

This year I kept a list of the books that I read and also included some of the mini book reviews I did on some of them. Enjoy looking for your next read!


Heaven Touch Points By: Randy Alcorn


To Kill A Mockingbird By: Harper Lee


Tell Me About Heaven By: Randy Alcorn


Grit the Power of Passion and Perseverance By: Angela Duckworth


For The Children’s Sake By: Susan Schaeffer Macaulay


Gianna Aborted, and Lived to Tell About It By: Jessica Shaver Renshaw

Year of No Clutter By: Eve O. Schaub

A Hope More Powerful Than The Sea The Journey of Doaa Al Zamel One Refugee’s incredible Story of Love, Loss, and Survival By: Melissa Fleming


Illegitimate How A Loving God Rescued A Son Of Polygamy By: Brian Mackert



What Is Man? By: Mark Twain

Happiness By: Randy Alcorn


Hand In Hand The Beauty of God’s Sovereignty and Meaningful Human Choice By: Randy Alcorn



The Holy Bible KJV


The Pursuit of God By: A.W Tozer


The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name By: Sally Lloyd-Jones



And several hundred children’s books of course! What did you read this year that you enjoyed? What books encouraged or challenged you? Do you have any books you want to read in 2018?


Edit to add: since I published this I squeezed in one more book for the year!

Hinds’ Feet On High Places By: Hannah Hurnard

And again, since I’ve had my foot up healing I’ve read one more! It was a good one, I really recommend it!

Safely Home By: Randy Alcorn

And another one! I listened to this one on Audio…

Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret By: Frederick Howard Taylor





15 ways to motivate yourself to clean the house when you don’t feel like it

We’ve all been here right? Ever wake up and not feel like Mary Poppins or is that just me? Here’s a few strategies of mine for getting the work done.

  1. set a timer. Pick 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Clean until the timer goes off and then be done.

2. get dressed. It won’t get anything picked up but it will improve your mood and give you energy

3. make the beds. There can be clutter all around in a room but if the bed is made it creates a clean surface that makes the rest of the room look tidier. It may also motivate you to make the rest of the room look just as inviting.

4. clean something that has been bugging you just to make you happy, not because it is a priority. Example, every time I’ve walked into my bedroom lately I’ve noticed all the dust built up on the dressers. I haven’t been dusting because there are so many more important things to do right now. But taking the 5 minutes to do it made me feel good.

5. clear off the kitchen table and counter tops. Clean surfaces make all the difference! You will have a spot to sit and eat or work and once you do get around to doing the dishes it will be much easier to have them all in the sink. The other day our water was turned off so I just gave up on cleaning the kitchen. It became overwhelmingly messy. When I decided to just clear off the surfaces even though there was a mountain of dishes the kitchen actually didn’t look that bad.

6. open the shades and let in the sunshine. Light is energizing.

7. Drink a glass of water and take your vitamins. If you want your body to work for you, you have to give it what it needs.

8. think about making your house smell amazing and how much you will enjoy it. Take out the trash and lights some candles.

9.view folding laundry as a chance to sit down and rest your feet

10. put on some upbeat worship music and sing while you do the dishes! Feel the warm water on your hands, enjoy the smell of the bubbles and then lotion your hands afterwards.

11. pick a job that needs done and then pick a way to reward yourself when it’s completed

12. Think about different activities you have coming up in the next week and what clothes you and your family will wear. Do laundry so that you will be ready to enjoy those times

13. listen to a podcast. Have a particularly boring job that needs done? Give your mind something interesting to think about while your hands are busy.

14. call someone you’ve been wanting to talk to and visit while you pick up

15. prepare dinner earlier in the day and then load up the dishes you used to prepare the food and wipe up and messes so you can get a head start on being done in the kitchen and enjoy eating dinner in a clean kitchen


You can do this! Let me know in the comments, how do you motivate yourself to get to work on days when you don’t feel motivated to clean up the same messes all over again?

Snow family winter fun bucket list 2017

This week is Thanksgiving but I’m already looking forward to the things I want to do with my family over the coming up cold winter days. Here’s my very random bucket list. Hopefully it inspires you to plan some fun and make some memories with your family.

  1. buy “winter” scented candles to put replace our fall ones that are mostly gone
  2. take down fall decorations and put up greenery and lights- specifically on stairway banister
  3. remove pumpkins and make a snowman snow family front porch decoration using wood and paint
  4. put up lights on porch
  5. if it snows go sledding (purchase a couple sleds ahead of time!)
  6. make scented play dough
  7. make new years resolutions
  8. buy me and the kids matching pajamas (I won’t be able to convince my husband to join in on this one ha ha!)
  9. have a dessert night- make a few special low carb desserts to enjoy
  10. go to Christmas parade downtown
  11. go to boat parade
  12. purchase a gift for a foster child
  13. build a fire in the wood stove and make some sugar free marshmallows to roast
  14. do a snowman or snowflake craft with the kids
  15. learn to sew- pick a project to complete over the winter
  16. learn to knit kids hats
  17. send out December birthday gifts and cards for relatives who have December birthdays
  18. go caroling
  19. have a pajama day and play board games
  20. buy new slippers
  21. try and make low carb cinnamon rolls
  22. write a Snow family year in review
  23. hang up a mistletoe to kiss under
  24. either host or attend a New Year’s prayer meeting
  25. drive somewhere to look at Christmas lights
  26. decorate cookies



2017 100 Things To Be Thankful For

This is something I did on this blog two years ago https://snowinlove.wordpress.com/2015/11/28/2015-thankful-list/ .  I encourage you to take a moment before the business of Thanksgiving day sets in to take a moment and reflect on how good God is and what things in your life you are thankful for.

O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. Psalm 136:1

  1. God’s presence all around me
  2. The Bible
  3. Church fellowship
  4. friends
  5. my husband
  6. my children
  7. a cozy bed
  8. a safe and warm home
  9. clean water
  10. healthy food
  11. my husbands job
  12. our homeschool co op
  13. living in a free country
  14. my van
  15. money to buy gasoline to drive places
  16. books
  17. this blog
  18. the ability to learn
  19. to be able to stay home with my children
  20. family vacations
  21. time spent in nature
  22. fresh air
  23. the stars
  24. the comfort and cozy smell of a campfire
  25. a safe yard for my children to play in and woods for them to explore
  26. coffee
  27. hay rides
  28. animals
  29. my children’s health
  30. insulin
  31. love
  32. heaven
  33. the promise of the new earth
  34. the hope of the resurrection
  35. clothing for me and my children
  36. music and singing
  37. laughter
  38. board games
  39. exercise
  40. a body that can move
  41. mountains
  42. eyes to see
  43. our compassion children
  44. for my family in law
  45. for salvation
  46. for peace from God
  47. for my husbands truck
  48. for plants
  49. life in a safe small town
  50. for the grocery store
  51. for my sons sweaty smell when he wakes up
  52. for my daughters curiosity
  53. for the ability and freedom to teach my children
  54. for a clean environment to live in- a trash service that comes and picks up our trash
  55. cell phones to keep in touch with loved ones far away
  56. prayer
  57. the internet to connect with people an learn new things
  58. the library and it’s free programs for my children
  59. for the financial means to give to others
  60. to get to worship God
  61. for the hope of a new and healthy resurrected body
  62. for the joy of the Lord
  63. for new days
  64. sunrises
  65. sunsets
  66. work
  67. sleep
  68. birthday parties
  69. celebrations
  70. people to celebrate with
  71. God’s mercy
  72. God’s faithfulness
  73. beauty in God’s creation
  74. access to education and educational material
  75. a home heated with electricity
  76. lights and all our electrical appliances that make life easier and safer
  77. hot showers
  78. bubble baths
  79. the physical senses created to be able to enjoy these things
  80. date nights with my husband
  81. time on the ocean this past summer
  82. the ability to make memories and cherish good times
  83. strength from God in times of weakness
  84. comfort from God in times of sorrow
  85. eating out at restaurants
  86. enjoying home cooked meals
  87. new experiences
  88. leaf piles to jump in
  89. pumpkins to pick, carve and eat
  90. the ability to taste and savor good food
  91. for freedom to pass out gospel tracts
  92. bike riding
  93. for all the times God has kept us safe from harm
  94. for angels that minister to us
  95. for God’s sovereign plan and work in my life
  96. for the cross
  97. for the resurrection of Jesus
  98. shoes
  99. disposable diapers
  100. for how very easy this list was to make because my life is so very full of blessings from God!

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. James 1:17