Update on my foot, a story and working on one of my goals

This week my husband switched his work schedule around so he could drive me to my 8:15 appointment at the podiatrist this morning. I went in with hopes high even bringing with me my right shoe so that I could hopefully come walking out. My foot this morning was still black and blue and swollen so I tried not to get my hopes too high.

The doctor did x-rays and said one more week off my foot. He said the bone is still too weak to walk on. I want to cry! It’s been so difficult caring for two small children on one foot that it’s really hard not to feel like despairing! I’m trying to tell myself that 3 weeks ago it felt impossible and some how we made it through and somehow we’ll make it through this week. God has His purposes that I am not even aware of, I know it!

Romans 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose.”

Not to yank a scripture out of context but I do believe that even this small thing like healing from a foot surgery, if this could not be used for my good that God would not have allowed it in my life. I trust He will use it for my good! And my foot is healing which is good! And a few weeks from now it should all be over.

More good news is that I was cleared to drive while wearing the small bootie I was sent home from the hospital with which is a big improvement. The doctor sent me home with a big knee high plastic boot that I’ll be able to start walking on next week and keep on for 2-3 weeks. This week he said to use the boot with crutches and not to put my full weight on the foot yet.

So that’s it. I literally have had nightmares almost ever night that I would have to stay off my foot another week and it came true!

I did get to give a gospel tract to someone last night because of my foot! When my husband got off work last night we needed milk and a few other basics so we went together to Kroger. We were in the entryway of the store and I was leaning on my crutches while my husband loaded the kids into the cart. “Ma’am! Ma’am!” A man’s voice behind me said and I turned around to see a young man, his face dripping with sweat. I don’t know why he was so sweaty- it looked like he had been jogging outside. “Yes Sir?” I asked. “Can I pray for your foot?” he asked. “Are you a believer in Jesus?” I asked him. He said he was and told him, “That’s good news, so are we.” “So, can I pray for healing for your foot? I need to be about the work of God you know healing people and stuff.” “Well,” I told him, “I get the stitches out tomorrow so I should be alright but thank you for offering. I do have something I want to give you though.” It was his turn to look puzzled as I opened the diaper bag to pull out a gospel tract. I told him what it was and he said thanks and ran back outside.

I have a charismatic back round so I knew where the guy was coming from and when I got back out to the van I prayed for him. Weird story I know but maybe God wanted to use me to either share the gospel with him or encourage him in some way. I don’t know anything about him or his back round so I don’t want to make any judgment I just know the very specific charismatic circles I grew up in didn’t teach the gospel or at least didn’t explain it very well.

(and if you identify as charismatic please know I understand that’s a very vague word and individual churches are just that- individual and teach different things)

On a different note, I can’t do much right now but I’m trying to work on one of my New Year goals. 

I made a blood sugar, food and insulin log and bought a new ink cartridge for our printer so I could make copies of it. I put about a couple weeks worth of pages in it to see how I like it. I’m working to get in the habit of writing stuff down. The more I can see what’s going on the better I can manage it.

Did you make any New Year resolutions? Have you gotten started yet? How’s it going?



2017 100 Things To Be Thankful For

This is something I did on this blog two years ago https://snowinlove.wordpress.com/2015/11/28/2015-thankful-list/ .  I encourage you to take a moment before the business of Thanksgiving day sets in to take a moment and reflect on how good God is and what things in your life you are thankful for.

O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever. Psalm 136:1

  1. God’s presence all around me
  2. The Bible
  3. Church fellowship
  4. friends
  5. my husband
  6. my children
  7. a cozy bed
  8. a safe and warm home
  9. clean water
  10. healthy food
  11. my husbands job
  12. our homeschool co op
  13. living in a free country
  14. my van
  15. money to buy gasoline to drive places
  16. books
  17. this blog
  18. the ability to learn
  19. to be able to stay home with my children
  20. family vacations
  21. time spent in nature
  22. fresh air
  23. the stars
  24. the comfort and cozy smell of a campfire
  25. a safe yard for my children to play in and woods for them to explore
  26. coffee
  27. hay rides
  28. animals
  29. my children’s health
  30. insulin
  31. love
  32. heaven
  33. the promise of the new earth
  34. the hope of the resurrection
  35. clothing for me and my children
  36. music and singing
  37. laughter
  38. board games
  39. exercise
  40. a body that can move
  41. mountains
  42. eyes to see
  43. our compassion children
  44. for my family in law
  45. for salvation
  46. for peace from God
  47. for my husbands truck
  48. for plants
  49. life in a safe small town
  50. for the grocery store
  51. for my sons sweaty smell when he wakes up
  52. for my daughters curiosity
  53. for the ability and freedom to teach my children
  54. for a clean environment to live in- a trash service that comes and picks up our trash
  55. cell phones to keep in touch with loved ones far away
  56. prayer
  57. the internet to connect with people an learn new things
  58. the library and it’s free programs for my children
  59. for the financial means to give to others
  60. to get to worship God
  61. for the hope of a new and healthy resurrected body
  62. for the joy of the Lord
  63. for new days
  64. sunrises
  65. sunsets
  66. work
  67. sleep
  68. birthday parties
  69. celebrations
  70. people to celebrate with
  71. God’s mercy
  72. God’s faithfulness
  73. beauty in God’s creation
  74. access to education and educational material
  75. a home heated with electricity
  76. lights and all our electrical appliances that make life easier and safer
  77. hot showers
  78. bubble baths
  79. the physical senses created to be able to enjoy these things
  80. date nights with my husband
  81. time on the ocean this past summer
  82. the ability to make memories and cherish good times
  83. strength from God in times of weakness
  84. comfort from God in times of sorrow
  85. eating out at restaurants
  86. enjoying home cooked meals
  87. new experiences
  88. leaf piles to jump in
  89. pumpkins to pick, carve and eat
  90. the ability to taste and savor good food
  91. for freedom to pass out gospel tracts
  92. bike riding
  93. for all the times God has kept us safe from harm
  94. for angels that minister to us
  95. for God’s sovereign plan and work in my life
  96. for the cross
  97. for the resurrection of Jesus
  98. shoes
  99. disposable diapers
  100. for how very easy this list was to make because my life is so very full of blessings from God!

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. James 1:17


Have you heard of this missionary?

My mother in law told us about Otto Koning several weeks back. We since have listened to these videos of him telling about his experience of being a missionary to a cannibal tribe in Papua New Guinea in the 1960’s-1970’s. It’s really amazing to listen to him! We listened to these while driving different places but it’s also entertaining to actually see his facial expressions while he talks because he’s funny!

Be amazed at the way God moved when His people trusted and obeyed Him!




Observing God’s hand through 11 years with type 1 diabetes

I’m re blogging this post I wrote earlier this year because November is Diabetes Awareness Month


The cover photo is about a month of shots.

Before I begin, I want to start with a disclaimer. When talking about diabetes I usually am very positive. I talk about how thankful I am for the discovery of insulin and for the health I enjoy. I don’t won’t to scare my family and friends. The gravity of this disease for the most part is something I shoulder alone. In this piece though, I am going to be brutally honest about how dangerous type 1 diabetes can be and honest about the sobering fact that in spite of the utmost diligent this disease does claim lives every day. I’m also going to be honest about how much effort it takes to stay alive and healthy every day. I strive to be somewhat discreet about diabetes management because it is not what I want to be defined by but at the…

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So what is going on?

That last few weeks I’ve been leading up to sharing on here some big news that is going on in our lives. Here it is- we were going to move to Abu Dhabi, UAE. Yes, I said ‘we were’ going to move. Here’s what happened… about 3 years ago my husband applied for a job at a new nuclear power plant being built over there. This past spring they contacted him and wanted us to resend his resume. He did and they interviewed him over the phone. Next step was getting and sending passports for our whole family. He was offered a job position and after lots of questions and emails back and forth and negotiations he accepted. He signed their conditional contract, they did a security clearance and then sent their final contract. Except between the signing of the two contracts several things changed about the situation that made the job no longer appealing or beneficial for our family and family values. I really don’t want to go into more detail than that, it just wasn’t going to work anymore. It’s been a crazy emotional roller coaster and why I have been writing about stress! There where several weeks where from one day to the next I didn’t know if we were moving to the other side of the world or not. There were several times that it changed from yes to no to yes to no. I’m so emotionally exhausted I physically feel like I have travel around the world and back!

It’s been really hard to have to go through the painful process of telling our family and friends we might be leaving and then at one point that we were not and then that we were leaving and then to have to go through the lengthy and emotional process of telling everyone we are not.

I’m ready to put this all behind us and go back to our normal life but honestly it’s been hard to focus and figure out where to start. My mind is still spinning trying to grasp how quickly things have changed and I scrambling to try and catch up on things that I put on hold for this year because we thought we were leaving. School started this week so I filled out the application form this morning for a local homeschool co-op.

We are going to continue and try and sell our house. We actually have someone looking at it tonight. We aren’t leaving the country but we still have a few reasons that it would be nice to relocate in the same area. We have 11 acres of a wooded hill side and we’d like to downsize on the amount of land we have to care for. We’d like a more manageable amount of land maybe 2-5 acres. My husband works odd hours and outages that last 100 days at a time so it would be really nice to be some where that I could manage taking care of the outside stuff by myself. We’d also like a yard that’s flat enough to have a swing set or trampoline for the kids. Unless we spent a lot of time and money terracing our land there really is no where to put in a garden which is something I’d like to do with the kids as they get older.

Next spring we will have had it on the market for a combined two years so if it’s not sold by then we may have to review if we’ll stay here. We typically have a couple showings a week and over time it gets draining to have to sometimes last minute get the house show ready and pack up the kids and go somewhere for a couple hours. That’s several months from now though so I better stop stressing myself out with things that haven’t happened yet!

Anyways, that’s my news! Lots of hype leading up to a big nothing! At least we’ve had a crash course in geography and the cultures of the middle east and international travel. Gotta look on the positives right?!

Learning some new health info..

It feels so good right now.. my babies are feed and bathed and their teeth brushed. We read books and I even got the dishes done before they went to bed so now I’m going to kick up my feet and write some!

I had a fun morning with the kids after getting an unexpected invitation to go swimming with some friends. We usually do our swimming in creeks so it was a treat to go swimming in an in ground pool. Saturday evening my husband was home and we went and checked out the city pool that I just recently learned existed. It was nothing fancy but it was relatively cheap and the kids had a blast. There was a baby pool separate from the main pool. Big enough for the adults to sit in but shallow enough for toddlers to be able to touch the bottom. I’ll probably head back there with the kids before the summer is over.

Several weeks back my mom told me about this guy on Youtube named Dr.Berg. My husband and I have spent probably hours listening to his videos. We’ve even listened to him while driving around. We have learned so much from him! If your’e like me and you’ve spent years researching nutrition and herbs and vitamins and you read medical literature just for fun (okay maybe you don’t do that..) then it comes as a surprise when I do run across some new information. Since we’ve been listening to these videos we’ve worked harder to get more vegetables in our diets and in our kids bellies.

If you have a health issue your facing use the search bar and type “Dr. Berg” and then whatever issue you’re dealing with and see if something comes up. He has a LOT of videos.

I’ve been on a search for the last several years to try and identify the cause of and fix PMS symptoms and very painful periods. The doctor offered me either prozac or birth control pills. I’ve read a lot about both of those and I personally don’t want to choose either of those paths. I want to fix the problem. Dr. Berg keeps repeating in his videos, “what is causing the problem?” He really does a good job at analyzing the body as a whole and identify what the body needs to heal instead of merely treating symptoms.

After watching his videos on PMS and painful periods I ordered his ovary support formula (now called estrogen balance). It contains cruciferous vegetables, minerals from sea kelp and several herbs that are supposed help the issue of estrogen dominance like black cohosh. This post will mark for me about the time when I started taking them and a few months from now I can come back and tell you if taking them has brought me any relief!

If you know of any more resources to share with me, put them below!

Snow Family Summer Fun Bucket List


Since I started this blog in 2015 I’ve been doing a summer fun bucket list for my kids. I thought about not doing one this year because so many things about our life are just up in the air decisions that I’m waiting on and it feels like there is too much going on! I realize though that life and fun can’t be put on pause just because things are busy. So… drumroll please… here it is! The Snow family 2017 summer fun bucket list.

  1. participate in the summer reading program (already underway)
  2. attend E’s first VBS (she’s registered!)
  3. take a trip to CT to visit family in July!
  4. go swimming at our favorite swimming hole- long pool. Pack up snacks and all the beach stuff! Jump off the big rock!
  5. Go swimming at the pool at Mt. Nebo
  6. check out our city’s public swimming pool
  7. check out the aquatic center that is scheduled to open next month
  8. eat popsicles outside, make or find me a low carb version
  9. find somewhere for the kids to play in a sprinkler. Grandma and Grandpa’s house?
  10. sidewalk chalk at the park
  11. catch lightning bugs
  12. go bike riding as a family
  13. visit a farmer’s market
  14. have a water balloon fight with cousins
  15. see a parade
  16. go to the county fair
  17. make homemade lemonade
  18. do a fourth of july photo shoot
  19. go to story time at dog ear books
  20. celebrate, mommy and daddy’s birthday’s and wedding anniversary!