Snow Family Summer Fun Bucket List


Since I started this blog in 2015 I’ve been doing a summer fun bucket list for my kids. I thought about not doing one this year because so many things about our life are just up in the air decisions that I’m waiting on and it feels like there is too much going on! I realize though that life and fun can’t be put on pause just because things are busy. So… drumroll please… here it is! The Snow family 2017 summer fun bucket list.

  1. participate in the summer reading program (already underway)
  2. attend E’s first VBS (she’s registered!)
  3. take a trip to CT to visit family in July!
  4. go swimming at our favorite swimming hole- long pool. Pack up snacks and all the beach stuff! Jump off the big rock!
  5. Go swimming at the pool at Mt. Nebo
  6. check out our city’s public swimming pool
  7. check out the aquatic center that is scheduled to open next month
  8. eat popsicles outside, make or find me a low carb version
  9. find somewhere for the kids to play in a sprinkler. Grandma and Grandpa’s house?
  10. sidewalk chalk at the park
  11. catch lightning bugs
  12. go bike riding as a family
  13. visit a farmer’s market
  14. have a water balloon fight with cousins
  15. see a parade
  16. go to the county fair
  17. make homemade lemonade
  18. do a fourth of july photo shoot
  19. go to story time at dog ear books
  20. celebrate, mommy and daddy’s birthday’s and wedding anniversary!




So how’s my month without internet going?

I’m struggling! After reaping good benefits of a week without internet I decided to take a month break from the internet (except for this blog). After the first week I got on FB to check and see if there were any updates on someone I had been praying for and I saw I had missed someone trying to get a hold of me and also an event I would have liked to know about. After that I decided to go ahead and spend 2-5 minutes each morning checking to see if I had any messages but not scrolling through my newsfeed or reading blogs or anything like that. I had signed up for a commitment that required people keep in tough with me through FB put as of this week I’m not obligated to that commitment any more so I can stop checking for messages now although every few days I probably will check for prayer request updates for this person I have been praying for.

For the most part I’ve done well and I have seen a lot of benefit from staying off line. There were 2 or 3 days and nights this week that I really felt the toll of my husbands more intense than usual work schedule and I was tired so I bribed myself to get through all my work and get the kids in bed by promising myself internet time. (That’s how my mind works lol!) I’m kind of disappointed that I did that though because during this time that I’m taking a break I really want to train myself to take those moments when I am discouraged or tired and learn to find comfort in reading my Bible or praying or connecting with people instead of using the internet for quick entertainment or escapism. I don’t think the internet is bad but time does go by quickly and most of the time I am not ‘redeeming the time’ when I am on the internet.

I find the older my children get the stricter I am becoming about media. I really don’t want my children to remember a phone in front of my face or sense me wanting to just get alone so I can read some blogs. The irony is most blogs I read are about motherhood. I need to be doing instead of reading. I know what it takes to be a good mom. Yes, there is a time and place for written encouragement but most of the time I just need to get done what I know I need to be doing. Life is too short for anything less.

Anyways, I’m writing this to encourage myself to keep up with my commitment to myself to take a month’s break from the internet. There is just 12 more days until I reach my goal. Somethings I want to do with that time are:

work on spring preschool activities with E

write a letter to a friend in the hospital

call some family members I haven’t talked to in a while

plan some special resurrection Sunday stuff for my family

take some photos of my kids and make a card to send to my dad for his birthday

send a birthday card to my brother

go on a date with my husband

make myself some low carb treats to help me stay on my diet

be more faithful with my children’s Bible time

go on more nature walks with my kids

keep working on my memory verses

finish a book review I’m working on

keep working toward my New Year resolution goals

See? I don’t have time for the internet!

Have you taken a break from the internet or media for a specific time and if so how did it affect your life?


I don’t remember exactly when, maybe a couple months back I watched this documentary that was recommended to me by a family member. It gives a lot of food for thought in regards to media consumption and raises issues that I’ve often thought about.

Right now I’m seeing in my own life a need for a media fast. I think several things have gotten me thinking about this.

  1. My husband has taken some time off work the last few weeks and as I’ve kind of slipped into vacation mode I’ve found that I am reaching for my phone for quick entertainment much more than I would like to.
  2. Our house is a construction zone right now as we are doing a lot of work in preparation to possibly sell our home so I have a lot of work ahead of me that I need to focus on and not be distracted.
  3. Today is my daughters 4th birthday party and the thought of her growing up so fast makes me want to throw every distraction out of my life and try to hang onto these moments of her childhood.
  4. This is probably the biggest motivator for turning the screens off for a little while. This week I was shocked to find out someone I knew had passed away in a sky diving accident. I hadn’t known about it and when I did find out it was like a punch in the gut of how quickly life goes by and how any of these moments we have could be our last moments. Our cat died last night and it has brought up some of the same feelings. I know it’s just a cat but I feel bad that the last moment I had with that cat that I really liked was while it was trying to get pet I pushed it away. I has brought up some strong emotions of wanting to make sure I live every moment as if it were my last. I want to try and live every moment for the precious gift it is.

I’m going to take a fast (or break or whatever you want to call it) this week from the internet. I’ll be back on next Sunday. In the mean time, enjoy the precious gift of your life!

Anyways, here is the video if you are interested: (I know, media about getting away from media, how ironic)

My Type 1 Diabetes Diagnosis Story

11 years ago this month.


I realize there are quite a few spelling and grammar mistakes in my story but with a baby in my arms and a three year old crawling all over me… I’m not going to take the time to fix it. 🙂


Diabetes supplies

This week marks 10 years since I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It’s been a decade of both struggling and thriving without a functioning pancreas.

This is my diagnosis story, sharing the time in my life when life became pre diabetes and post diabetes.

The bagpipes played a cheery tuned as men in kilts marched in time to the steady drum. Children ran behind the fire truck eagerly grabbing up candy as it hit the pavement. It was St.Patricks day 2006. I sat down on the side walk, feeling weak and drained. I had a headache. I held an empty gatorade bottle up and licked the…

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Once a year we bring our children to get their blood tested with  trial net.  Type 1 diabetes is unfortunately a genetic disease and while I hate getting my kids poked with needles, getting them tested once a year for the auto antibodies that cause type 1 diabetes is the best way to keep a check on their health and their blood is donated to research to help find a cure. This will be E’s second time getting tested and T.J’s first. Praise the Lord, last year E tested negative for all 5 autoantibodies. We’ll get them tested today and hear back about the results in 6 weeks or so.

If they were to test positive for any of the antibodies we then would learn about the different studies being done to see if there is any way to prevent the disease and then make a decision if we wanted to get involved.

We may visit the zoo afterwards so hopefully that will make it up to the kids for getting poked 😦

I wanted to share this because when E was a baby I asked every doctor I came in contact with about auto antibody testing and they all told me such a thing does not exist. I knew that couldn’t be true! Even doctors at the children’s hospital where trial net is located didn’t know that it existed in the hospital they were working at! They all told me essentially, “we can test blood sugar but no one tests for auto antibodies.”

I searched and asked around and spent a lot of time on line before I was told about trial net by a friend of a friend when I inquired on Facebook for help in my search.

I called the trial net testing facility in Florida who told me we had a facility right in Little Rock!

If you or one of your children have diabetes and are looking to get tested there is ether one in your area or you send blood throughout the mail using your local lab. I put a link up above.


My husband and I have been reading through the gospels together very slowly. It’s not something we have regular time put aside for it’s just more like as time comes up we’ll say, “you want to read a chapter?”

A few mornings ago as we read chapter 10 of Mark together I noticed the word “Children” in verse 24. It put the lesson Jesus was trying to teach his disciples about the rich young ruler and everything being possible with God into the perspective of the lesson he was trying to teach them in the beginning of the chapter of having a child like faith. I wonder if he addressed them as children to remind them what he had previously been teaching them. Just a thought. Read through it yourself and see what you think.

Have a happy weekend!

Do I know Jesus?

“He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not.” (John 1:10)

If I saw Jesus today, would I recognize Him? How well do I know Him? When He sees me will He know me? Do we have a vibrant relationship? Do we talk? Are we close? Do we share our hearts with each other? Do I listen to Him? Do I obey?

Do I know the word well enough that when I see the Word I will know Him?

Philippians 3:10a “That I may know him…”


So what do I think about my “FlyLady” week?

For the past week I’ve worked to organize my home and routines by following the routines found on

I have definitely been more organized this week and it has helped me as my new insulin regimen requires I eat the same thing at the same time every day which requires being pretty organized. I’m not a tidy or organized person by nature. I’m naturally messy. That’s probably why I’m one of those people who likes chore charts and routines. Because I need it! Also I feel like having routines gives me an “end” to my work. There may be other stuff I see to do but knowing I’ve done my jobs for the day mentally frees me up to do other things.

I like the morning and evening routines and I like having specific jobs to do on specific days- mopping on monday, cleaning the car on Friday, etc. Anything over and above that though is too much for the stage of life I am in right now. In this season the little people in my home are totally dependent on me to wipe their noses, put their clothes on, wipe their behinds and feed them. With the amount of time and energy that all takes it just doesn’t matter to me if there is dust on top of the fridge or if the silverware drawer is organized! Yes I like those things done but it’s just not practical to expect that level of efficiency in house keeping when I only have two hands and two children who need constant care and supervision.

While I may not do it perfectly every day I do plan to keep up with the morning and evening routines and the chores of the day.

So what do you think about my little challenge? Have you ever visited There’s a lot to be learned about housekeeping/ homemaking over there.

Have a happy weekend!