Learning some new health info..

It feels so good right now.. my babies are feed and bathed and their teeth brushed. We read books and I even got the dishes done before they went to bed so now I’m going to kick up my feet and write some!

I had a fun morning with the kids after getting an unexpected invitation to go swimming with some friends. We usually do our swimming in creeks so it was a treat to go swimming in an in ground pool. Saturday evening my husband was home and we went and checked out the city pool that I just recently learned existed. It was nothing fancy but it was relatively cheap and the kids had a blast. There was a baby pool separate from the main pool. Big enough for the adults to sit in but shallow enough for toddlers to be able to touch the bottom. I’ll probably head back there with the kids before the summer is over.

Several weeks back my mom told me about this guy on Youtube named Dr.Berg. My husband and I have spent probably hours listening to his videos. We’ve even listened to him while driving around. We have learned so much from him! If your’e like me and you’ve spent years researching nutrition and herbs and vitamins and you read medical literature just for fun (okay maybe you don’t do that..) then it comes as a surprise when I do run across some new information. Since we’ve been listening to these videos we’ve worked harder to get more vegetables in our diets and in our kids bellies.

If you have a health issue your facing use the search bar and type “Dr. Berg” and then whatever issue you’re dealing with and see if something comes up. He has a LOT of videos.

I’ve been on a search for the last several years to try and identify the cause of and fix PMS symptoms and very painful periods. The doctor offered me either prozac or birth control pills. I’ve read a lot about both of those and I personally don’t want to choose either of those paths. I want to fix the problem. Dr. Berg keeps repeating in his videos, “what is causing the problem?” He really does a good job at analyzing the body as a whole and identify what the body needs to heal instead of merely treating symptoms.

After watching his videos on PMS and painful periods I ordered his ovary support formula (now called estrogen balance). It contains cruciferous vegetables, minerals from sea kelp and several herbs that are supposed help the issue of estrogen dominance like black cohosh. This post will mark for me about the time when I started taking them and a few months from now I can come back and tell you if taking them has brought me any relief!

If you know of any more resources to share with me, put them below!


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