Helping my 4 year old be more independent..

I’m wanting my daughter to learn to be more independent and do things for herself. I realize though that in our home there are some obstacles to her being independent because she is so tiny! I was looking at her closet and drawer and decided to make a few changes to simplify things for her and help her to be able to reach her clothes.

I lowered the bar that the clothes hang from to her height on one side of the closet. On the right side I left the bar up high and put all her winter clothes and clothes that are too big that I am saving for next year. Now, I can tell her to go put a shirt on and it’s a job she can do!

I also marked each of the drawers with a little drawing. Under wear, socks and shorts. When I’m folding laundry I can pass her her things and say, “put theses in the drawers they belong in,” and she can open the drawers and see my drawing and know what goes where.

I did take photos to share with you. I first walked around the house repeatedly for two days with the laptop and my cell phone in hand trying to get decent enough 4G to create a hot spot with my phone. I even took the laptop and cell phone outside to try and get some coverage. I’m currently at Chick Fil A with the kids while some one looks at our house. I’m connected to the wi-fi but the photos still won’t load. Oh well, I give up! I’m sure you’ve seen a closet before 🙂

Yep, we live too far out in the country to have decent wi-fi at the house. We tried a couple different providers but I would guess 80% of the time it didn’t work so it just wasn’t worth paying for.

Anyways! Share with me little ways you help your little kids feel like big kids around the house.



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