A couple more videos on the topic of mormonism…

This week I have been totally drawn into listening to testimonies of people who came out of the fundamental mormon church and the mormon church (FLDS and LDS).

In my post yesterday I shared a video by Brian Mackert the author of the book I read titled, Illegitimate How a Loving God Rescued a Son of Polygamy. I also shared an interview with his sister Rena who is not a Christian. Last night and today I watched this interview with Mary, another of Brian’s siblings who is a believer. In the book Brian tells about how she had come to know Jesus before he did and how she had tried to share the gospel with him at one point. She seems like such a sweet lady and from what Brian wrote about her and from what she says in the video she really seems to be one of those people who is truly not bitter over the past.

After watching the interview with her I saw this video (below) made by the same producer that did the interview. It’s really worth a watch if you have the time. If you want to know what the mormon church teaches and how the Bible both contradicts and condemns it’s teaching this video will do a good job at filling you in.

On another note..

It was 5 years ago today that I found out I was pregnant with my daughter E! How has that much time gone by already!? It’s my mother in law’s birthday which is why I always remember the date. 5 years ago today I called her and said, “how about for your birthday another grand baby?” It had taken a year and 3 months to get pregnant with E after her brother Titus passed away so it was a very emotional pregnancy announcement!

Today my in laws are coming over for dinner along with my sister in law and her children so we’re gong to celebrate the life of a Godly woman and I’ll also be celebrating the joy of being given a daughter! At the moment it smells amazing in here because my husband is baking a sugar free cheese cake. God is good!



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