An answer to prayer?

Tuesday we got back from visiting my family in Connecticut. It was really good to see everyone and I’ll have to wait and see but it may have been an answer to prayer. I haven’t written anything about what may be happening because I still don’t know if anything will come of it or not but I may as well share…
My husband has applied for a job in the United Arab Emirates. Yep! The other side of the world! We are still waiting to learn more details about the job. He was offered a position but they needed his passport info before they would give more details. We should know by the end of next week.
Going to CT I believe was an answer to prayer because we bought plan tickets to go back at the beginning of the year then he applied for the job and he thought things would move a lot faster and thought that possibly we would be moved by July. I prayed and asked God that if we were going to move over seas that we would get to go to CT first to say goodbye in person to my family.
It’s a long story but the kids and I got our passports pretty quickly but my husbands passport turned into a big paperwork and deadline fiasco. Lots of strange things were happening that kept delaying him from getting it. When we got back from CT it was in the mailbox and last night I got a text from the realtor that someone wants two full hours to spend looking at our house today. Is all this a coincidence? I’ll let you know if anything happens with the job but I am starting to feel that the trip to CT was a gracious gift from my loving Heavenly Father to His daughter. So pray for us as we may have some big decisions to make.

I better get going- gotta get this place show ready! Have a blessed day!!


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