Mini Book Review- A Hope More Powerful Than The Sea By: Melissa Fleming

I couldn’t sleep the night after finishing the highly emotional and soul wrenching story of Doaa Al Zamel a Syrian refuge.

I read it in 3 days having to work hard to pull myself away to get stuff done and then thinking about it the whole time I was doing something else.

Lost at sea stories are the most terrifying to me. I can’t even think of that movie Unbroken without feeling kind of panicked about how terrifying that would be. This book chronicles Doaa’s horrific 4 days at sea on a child’s inflatable ring, holding and keeping 2 young children alive ontop of her and watching helplessly while almost 500 people including her fiancé drown.

If you’re anything like me and you haven’t spent much time paying attention to the head lines involving Syria, this book will give you a pretty good understanding of the war in Syria and why refuges are risking their lives to escape the neighboring countries.

Melissa Fleming gave this TED talk that sums up the story pretty well although she seems quite nervous and I believe she  misspeaks when telling the events of the murder at sea. Also, the book includes an epilogue that gives more information of what became of Doaa and her family than what is include in the TED talk. (Link below)

And here’s Doaa herself speaking..



This is a story of courage and bravery and confronts the reader with both the best and the worst of humanity. You will be left with more questions than you began with but will undoubtably be changed by Doaa’s hope and her unwillingness to give up.



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