Snow Family Summer Fun Bucket List


Since I started this blog in 2015 I’ve been doing a summer fun bucket list for my kids. I thought about not doing one this year because so many things about our life are just up in the air decisions that I’m waiting on and it feels like there is too much going on! I realize though that life and fun can’t be put on pause just because things are busy. So… drumroll please… here it is! The Snow family 2017 summer fun bucket list.

  1. participate in the summer reading program (already underway)
  2. attend E’s first VBS (she’s registered!)
  3. take a trip to CT to visit family in July!
  4. go swimming at our favorite swimming hole- long pool. Pack up snacks and all the beach stuff! Jump off the big rock!
  5. Go swimming at the pool at Mt. Nebo
  6. check out our city’s public swimming pool
  7. check out the aquatic center that is scheduled to open next month
  8. eat popsicles outside, make or find me a low carb version
  9. find somewhere for the kids to play in a sprinkler. Grandma and Grandpa’s house?
  10. sidewalk chalk at the park
  11. catch lightning bugs
  12. go bike riding as a family
  13. visit a farmer’s market
  14. have a water balloon fight with cousins
  15. see a parade
  16. go to the county fair
  17. make homemade lemonade
  18. do a fourth of july photo shoot
  19. go to story time at dog ear books
  20. celebrate, mommy and daddy’s birthday’s and wedding anniversary!





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