An evening with the Fly lady app

If you’re into reading homemaking blogs I’m sure you’ve heard of A few weeks back I downloaded the Flylady app on my phone. In reality it’s nothing but some to do lists but if you are a to do list junkie like I am then you’ll like it. You get a star next to and a line through each job completed. There is a morning list, an afternoon list, an evening list and a weekly home blessing list. Each job completed earns you points and your points earn you “jewels”. They mean nothing in real life, it’s kind of like a video game. You get so many points and then a new jewel. Sounds really dumb and it kind of is but for some reason it’s so rewarding to see the word “congratulations” and to get to another “level”. It kind of becomes a game.

Tonight I’ll show you what it looks like for me to follow the routine while also caring for two children.

Flylady has her list set up like this:

check your calendar and forecast
lay out tomorrows clothes
put things needed for tomorrow at the launch pad
spend two minutes clearing off a hot spot
shine your sink
wash face, brush teeth, bathe
go to bed at a decent hour

here’s a link although I just went to the app store on my phone and downloaded the free version which is not as detailed.

I do my routine in a bit of a different order to make it work as I ready the kids for bed.

After an impromptu Sunday after noon trip to the park where we played in the light rain, we came home and enjoyed hot bowls of leftover jumbalaya before getting to work.

It makes more sense to me to clean the kitchen right after dinner so I start there. I put on a Max Lucado movie for the kids since dad is working. I think I’m finally at the point in motherhood where I’m starting to accept my limitations and realize I do sometimes need to use the T.V and not feel guilty about it. (not that I don’t feel guilty about it! )anyways.. that’s a different topic!

After I cleaned the kitchen I worked on our “hot spot” which is a constant explosion of kids stuff everywhere. I used the two minutes to throw stuff in a laundry bucket to put away later.

The thing I lay out for the morning is my coffee stuff. I measure out the water and the coffee into the coffee maker and it’s ready to go!

I got the kids in the tub and while I supervised them I brushed my teeth and laid out my clothes for tomorrow since my closet is connected to the bathroom.

While they are playing in the tub is also a good time for me to check tomorrow’s weather on my phone and also the calendar and send off any text messages I need to. I added to my evening routine list that I want to send to my mother in law a text of what I ate that day to help me stay on my low carb diet. I sent off that text while watching them in the tub.

I brushed T.J’s teeth first, put his pj’s on, read him a board book and them rocked him for a little bit before tucking him in.

E claimed she was “so hungry” so I gave her some dry cereal before she brushed her teeth and then we got in my bed and read a few books. I don’t try and read the kids books at the same time any more because T.J ends up wanting to rough house and kind of ruins it for E who wants to pay attention to the books. I kind of like the one on one time it gives me with them as well. When my husband is on day shift usual I put one child to bed and he puts the other to bed. It also helps to speed stuff up that I can wash dishes while he supervises the kids in the tub.

After I got E to bed then I was able to do my nighttime stuff and take a shower. That’s it! It’s not a lot but when I am consistent it keeps things from getting too crazy around here and it is so much nicer to wake up to a clean kitchen, my clothes ready to put on and my coffee stuff ready to go.

Do you have any apps that you use to aid you in your homemaking? Tell me in the comments!


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