I’m understanding the book of Psalms! (and how you can too!)

I’ve often heard how comforting the book of Psalms is. I’ve often been comforted by David’s words. A lot of the time though, I didn’t really understand his Psalms.  I understood the words of worship and of finding refuge in God, but triumphing over enemies? bones being broken? fingers being taught to war?

I just finished reading through 1 Samuel while also reading the Psalms written by David as he wrote them. I have pulled up on my phone a read the Bible chronologically guide and I look at it each day to see what’s next. I read about a battle David fought or a scary situation he was in and then read the corresponding Psalm. And you know what? Having it in context, it makes sense! I finally can know who these different enemies are and why they are being fought against. As I know what he is going through I can feel more intensely David’s crushing anguish or I can better rejoice in his Psalm’s of rejoicing.

Have you ever read through the book of Psalms this way? Today I read 1 Samuel 28-31 an then Psalm 18. Tomorrow it’s Psalm 121, 123-125,128-130 and then the day after that 2 Samuel 1-4.

Here’s the reading plan I’ve been using:


And here’s some really neat videos from a youtube series called Read Scripture:


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