“let your conversation be..”

“Only let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ..” Phil. 1:27a

Wednesday my friend from church and I recited the Bible verses we are working on memorizing over the phone to each other. She is memorizing Philippians. When she said the above verse it struck me as, “Wow. That’s such a tall order.” It really was sobering to think of what a far reaching command that it.

The NAS that she was quoting from translated conversation as conduct and becometh as worthy. It’s sobering to look over every aspect of my life an think, does this honor the gospel? Does this bring glory to God and what He has done for me? Is this worthy to be in the life of someone who follows Christ?

What about my interactions with my children and husband this past week? Has those interactions ‘become’ the gospel? What about my thought life? Have the things my mind has been dwelling on been worthy of the gospel?

Have my time investments become the gospel? Have my words to others become the gospel?

I looked up become in the Merriam Webster dictionary and I think the second definition using the word as a verb best convey’s the meaning of the word in this verse.

:to be suitable to

  • seriousness becoming the occasion; especially : to be becoming to- her clothes became her

Like a piece of clothing fits a person well or becomes them I need to filter what I allow in my life and in my head and what comes out of my mouth with the question, does this fit into the life of a follower of Christ? Not merely does this look good for the sake of looking good but does this fit what I say I believe about God?

Does this become the gospel? Does this point to the reality of the good news that Christ came to save and redeem sinners?

Some questions worth mulling over.


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