Rotating Shift Work Laundry Solution

When my husband works night shift I get behind on laundry because during the day I don’t have access to our closet or dressers and at night I’m usually just too tired to do laundry. I’ve talked to other wives who tell me laundry is an issue for them as well when their husband is sleeping during the day. I’ve been trying to figure this out for the last almost 7 years and I think I finally have it down!

I bought this clothes rack for less than $9.00 at Wal-Mart. On the bottom there is a rack to keep a basket. I keep it stocked with hangers and the clothes can go directly from the dryer to the rack and the things that need folded go into the basket. In the evening all I have to do is transfer the clothes to where they belong. I can even fit a couple days worth of laundry hanging on the rack before I need to move them. No more clothes getting wrinkly in buckets!

The rack does take up quite a bit of space in the laundry room since I have 2 other laundry buckets in there for sorting clothes but we don’t really use the laundry room for anything beside laundry.

Hope this is helpful! Share your laundry victories in the comments!


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