Passing Out Gospel Tracts

I am by no means an expert in this area. I’m just working to be more obedient to God’s command to share the good news. Passing out gospel tracts is just one way to reach people with God’s Word. Gospel tracts provide a way to leave someone who I have talked to maybe 2 minutes with something much deeper that I pray they will read. I try to think of it as scattering seeds of the gospel and praying for God to give the increase. If you’ve never passed out tracts before I thought it may be helpful for me to share a few specific times lately that I have given them to people so you can see what it looks like.

At the zoo after showing the woman behind the glass my zoo pass and exchanging a couple dollar bills for quarters, I placed a tract in the little opening under the glass and asked her, “Can I give you one of these?” She read the title, ‘Why Christianity’ and picked it up saying, “Yes ma’am you can!”

After making small talk about my kids with the cashier at Wal-Mart and thanking him for helping me bag my groceries, I took a tract from my pocket and asked him if I could give him one. He took it and with a big smile I said thank you and told him to enjoy the rest of his night.

At this dentist after paying my bill (on time!) I offered a tract to the woman at the desk. She looked at it kind of awkwardly for a moment but then said sure and took it. I always make sure when I have been back to greet her warmly and make sure I don’t owe any money.

I very rarely just leave tracts laying around. I don’t think they will get read. Here’s an example of a time I did. After thanking our waitress at a restaurant for her service, I made an effort to stack the dishes making sure things were nicely picked up. My husband left a generous tip and I put a gospel tract in the envelope thing that you leave your receipt in on the table.

At the park after our kids played together I went and got a tract out of my van and went back over to the children’s mom. I commented to her how helpful her oldest daughter was to me helping me with my baby and commended her for doing a good job raising her children. I told her I was headed out and asked her if I could leave her with a gospel tract. She took it.

After paying at the hardware store I asked the cashier if I could give him a tract. He cheerfully accepted it.

Same thing, at Walgreens I asked the cashier if I could give him one holding it out. “Ummm… Ummm..” he said. I smiled. “Okay…” he responded taking it slowly. “Thank You!” I told him.

I gave the bagger at Kroger a tip and a tract and told her how much I appreciate her helping me.

Hope these few examples can encourage you! I still struggle with passing out each and every tract. It is really not that hard though to keep a couple in my pocket and offer them to the people I come in contact with.


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