My week without internet..

Saturday was my last day of taking a week off from the internet. There were a couple times I had to check a date or rsvp to an event and I wanted to take a quick peek at our family photos but I spent no more than 10 minutes the whole week doing that kind of thing.

This week I’ve been really busy taking care of my sick little boy. He has a virus tha’s going around. He had an ear infection that was confirmed to be healed up after taking antibiotics. I took him to the doctor again this weekend and the pediatrician said it will just have to run it’s course.

What’s been different about my week without internet? I’ve been less distracted. In my spare moments I’ve read real books instead of reading blogs. I’ve done a better job at making sure one thing is picked up that the kids are playing with before they go onto something else so my house has stayed cleaner. I’ve prayed more. Friday I took our van through the car wash and both my kids were sleeping. I really wanted to take that 5 minutes of no one needing me to take a peek at my phone but instead I prayed. Instead of taking a photo of my kids and posting to Facebook I sent texts to my parents and grandparents who (mostly) are not on Facebook so I was better at keeping in touch with the people I need to most. I sat and held my kids while they watched T.V which is something they always want me to do but it feels like I’m wasting time. I’d rather be getting my housework done while they watch the show. (Being honest here) Since I was taking a break from the internet I just held them and watched their show some with them which they really liked. (not a whole show, but some!)

I finished copying down in a notebook the book of Romans like I had mentioned in an earlier post. It took me about 8 hours and 15 minutes. Each time I sat down to write I would either set a stop watch or look at the clock and then make a note when I stopped of how long I had been writing for. I say ‘about’ because it was easier to keep track of if I round up or down to an even number. Instead of recording I had written for 19 minutes I would record 20 etc.

I have a new appreciation for the man Tertius who wrote the epistle for Paul. I’ll have to thank him when I get to Heaven and ask him how long it took!

Mostly I’ve been so busy I’ve been wondering how I had time at all to read stuff on the internet but I guess a few moments here and there adds up.

I still got on the computer (not online) and wrote for 20 minutes each morning before the kids woke up. Writing is something that really makes me happy and clears my head and focuses my mind.

The biggest change I saw that came from my no internet week was how I felt when I got back on Sunday. I was excited to catch up with people but then after I posted on FB I kept worrying if I sounded nice enough or what people would think. I was caught myself rushing through doing things with my kids to try and get done so I could have a few minutes to read on-line. I found myself feeling kind of overwhelmed because there is so much that I want to research and read on the internet but motherhood just does not allow that time and I felt frustrated. I felt more peaceful this week when I wasn’t trying to find time to go on-line because at this stage in my life the time is just not really there. Do you get what I mean?

I was also disappointed yesterday because I spent the little time that I have before the kids wake up on line so I didn’t have time to write or read my book all day. Writing and reading real books makes me happy and is more fulfilling than reading short blogs on-line.

Anyways, I think my time off the internet was good for me. So good in fact that I’ve decided I’m going to take the next month off. April 20th is a month from now. I may post on here during this time. This blog doesn’t feel as time robbing as things like social media. I’m working on writing some things that I’m excited to share and I’m reading a couple of really good books that I want to review.

Happy first day of Spring!! Enjoy your week!

How do you cut out the distractions in your life and what things take the place of those distractions?


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