I don’t remember exactly when, maybe a couple months back I watched this documentary that was recommended to me by a family member. It gives a lot of food for thought in regards to media consumption and raises issues that I’ve often thought about.

Right now I’m seeing in my own life a need for a media fast. I think several things have gotten me thinking about this.

  1. My husband has taken some time off work the last few weeks and as I’ve kind of slipped into vacation mode I’ve found that I am reaching for my phone for quick entertainment much more than I would like to.
  2. Our house is a construction zone right now as we are doing a lot of work in preparation to possibly sell our home so I have a lot of work ahead of me that I need to focus on and not be distracted.
  3. Today is my daughters 4th birthday party and the thought of her growing up so fast makes me want to throw every distraction out of my life and try to hang onto these moments of her childhood.
  4. This is probably the biggest motivator for turning the screens off for a little while. This week I was shocked to find out someone I knew had passed away in a sky diving accident. I hadn’t known about it and when I did find out it was like a punch in the gut of how quickly life goes by and how any of these moments we have could be our last moments. Our cat died last night and it has brought up some of the same feelings. I know it’s just a cat but I feel bad that the last moment I had with that cat that I really liked was while it was trying to get pet I pushed it away. I has brought up some strong emotions of wanting to make sure I live every moment as if it were my last. I want to try and live every moment for the precious gift it is.

I’m going to take a fast (or break or whatever you want to call it) this week from the internet. I’ll be back on next Sunday. In the mean time, enjoy the precious gift of your life!

Anyways, here is the video if you are interested: (I know, media about getting away from media, how ironic)


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