More about my intentional marriage goals

It snowed last night! I’m so excited! Last year except for one light dusting we didn’t get any and E was disappointed that it didn’t snow while we were in Connecticut. She’s going to be so excited when she wakes up! It’s going to be T.J’s first snow! I haven’t been out yet but it looks like there is probably about 2 or 3 inches on the ground. I’ll have to take lots of pictures and share them tomorrow. Anyways!

Yesterday while I put away laundry I listened to this podcast on power of moms radio about S.M.A.R.T goals.

Yesterday morning I posted about my goal of wanting to be more intentional in my marriage but that’s a pretty broad goal and it would be hard to measure success by those terms. Using the acronym S.M.A.R.T I’m going to try and turn that goal into something measurable and attainable. Here’s from the power of mom’s website what each of the letters stand for;

S = SPECIFIC–Pick a goal that is something you can “pin down.”

M = MEASURABLE–You’ve got to have a way to measure your progress or you will never feel like you’ve accomplished anything.

A = ACHIEVABLE–This means we need to be realistic. (No more multi-tasking until we fall over from exhaustion…)

R = RELEVANT–Make sure that this is the right kind of goal for you to be setting at this point in your life.

T = TIME-BOUND–Give yourself a deadline–at least a point in time when this goal will be “done.”

So here’s how I’m reviewing my goal of being intentional in marriage:

Specific- I want to be deliberate about doing at least one nice thing for my husband each day over and above normal things like making dinner etc. I want to do something each day that shows him I was thinking about him and makes him feel loved.

Measurable- I can decide in the morning when I make my to-do list what I want to do and then in the evening check to see that it’s done.

Achievable- I have two children so anything over and above the normal every day stuff has to be small and realistic

Relevant- I feel that this is a very relevant goal. Outside of my relationship with God there is no one and nothing more important in my life than my husband and my relationship with him. Making him happy makes me happy as well!

Time-bound- The month of January. I’m not going to stop being nice to him when the month is over lol! Having the end of the month as a deadline will give me a chance to reflect on whether or not I have meet this goal, how it has helped my marriage and if I want to keep up with planning these things or just let it be spontaneous at that point.

As an example, yesterday I made it a point before the kids got up to spend some time praying for my marriage and telling God about my desire to be more intentional in it and asking Him to help me in that. When I went to the bathroom to get dressed I saw on the counter top my husbands razor except the razor did not have the handle attached. I remembered that his razor got left in Connecticut and realized that since we got back he had been shaving by holding onto the razor head and trying to shave like that! I had just did my errands the day before when he was off so I didn’t have to bring the kids with me. I really don’t like going to the store other than once a week. Even if we’re out of bread or milk I usually just will wait until my next town day. We live out in the country so it takes me about 20 minutes to get to wal-mart. I realized this was a small achievable way though that I could bless my husband. When he called I asked him what kind of razor he wanted me to pick up. He knows how much I don’t like going shopping on my not shopping day and how much work it is to pack up two small children and bring them with me. I could tell he felt blessed that I was going to do that for him.

It was something small but small achievable ways to bless my husband each day is what I’m going for.

Today I’m going to be home since it’s a snow day so my goal for today is to make my husband his favorite almond chocolate bar dessert that I haven’t made in a while. It’s made with maple syrup so it’s something I can’t eat (because diabetes) so it will be something just for him to let him know he’s loved.

Did you listen to the podcast? How are you refining your goals to make them achievable?




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