Tell Me About Heaven By: Randy Alcorn

2 weeks(ish) ago I asks our library to get me a copy of Tell Me About Heaven by Randy Alcorn from one of their other branches. I had originally intended to read it to E because it was a children’s book but when I sat down to read it to her I realized it was way above her level and too long to keep her attention. (She’s 3).

After I got the kids in bed last night I made myself a cup of low carb hot chocolate and sat down to read it and enjoy the illustrations for myself. The book is 9 chapters long and took me a little over an hour to read it. It is very well done and doctrinally sound. There were parts that I had to stop and read two or three times because  it was just so good. I’d guess the book was written for kids somewhere around 8 years old although as an adult I enjoyed it just for myself.

The book is written to make kids excited about God’s promises of heaven and the new earth and to destroy unbiblical myths about eternity being a state of boring disembodiment where people sit on clouds and play harps.

Inside the cover it reads:

Heaven… It’s a place full of new beginnings that never end, seeing God, reunions, uninterrupted relationships, eating and drinking, activities, worship, music, and joy. But it’s also a place of mystery, especially for children.

God’s Word gives us glimpses of what’s ahead, with the clues that can be trusted- and anticipated. And this is the exciting news reflected in author Randy Alcorn’s heartwarming story and artist Ron DiCianni’s striking paintings.

As Jake’s fears and questions about eternity are turned to wonder through his conversations with his grandpa, any child’s excitement about Heaven should grow. Its powerful message will help curious young hearts understand that if they love Jesus, not only is there nothing to fear, but the best is yet to come.

In the future, I’m looking forward to sharing this book with my kids when they have questions about heaven.



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