A testimony

I had something really amazing happen to me this week that I haven’t shared yet with anyone but my husband. I want to write it down so I can remember it myself but also to tell you that God is so good and really real! 

I wish I could share all the details to make the story more fluent but because it involves someone else I’m not going to use their name.

Earlier this week the thought came into my mind to pray for this specific person. I care about this person but we are not really close and don’t even live in the same state so I don’t really think of her all that often. I wrote her name down in my prayer journal that morning.

Through out the week it kept coming into my mind at random points to pray for this person. I didn’t know specifically what to pray for so while I raked leaves in the back yard I prayed for this person to know God and for God to help her etc..

The next morning while texting a family member about something unrelated she asked me, “Did you hear what (this person I was praying for) is going through?” When I saw that text come through  my heart kind of jumped and I felt adrenaline rush through me. It was the over whelming feeling of- ‘wow God, thank You for speaking to me and showing me I belong to You and that You care for me!’ It was an amazing feeling to realize that the living God had actually been speaking to my heart!

This family member preceded to tell me what a really heart breaking situation this person is in and I realized that God loves this person and has had me praying for her while she was going through this hard thing I knew nothing about.

My encouragement to you is this- if you don’t hear God’s voice, keep praying. Pray in faith. There have been long periods in my life when I don’t hear God’s voice and I don’t know why but then something like this will happen and I realize, maybe He has been speaking to me other times as well and I just didn’t know it. Like the other times I’ve felt prompted to pray for someone or times when a scripture has come into my mind at just right time. Remember,

John 20:29
Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.


what I’m working on..

I haven’t been writing lately although as I go about my day I usually think of so many things I want to write about! It’s a busy season having a 1 year old and a 3 year old. Both ages are requiring a lot of attention and to quote the people I meet in town, “I have my hands full!”

I had written at the beginning of the year how I want to work on scripture memory. I was working on a verse a week and saying it to a woman at our church either on Sunday or if I saw her some other time in the week. One of my sisters in Christ was telling me this past Sunday that she has a goal to memorize the book of Philippians and asked if I would want to join her and keep each other accountable. I’ve wanted to for a long time to memorize Colossians but have stopped and forgotten what I started. We decided we were going to call each other and say our verse that we are working on which we did yesterday afternoon. As of this morning I have memorized the first 7 verses of chapter 1. I’m excited! I would love to be able to say all 4 of the chapters of Colossians. I love the “big picture” of eternity in Colossians and the poetic language.

I’m also working on passing out gospel tracts again. It’s something I haven’t down for a long time but is so important! I ordered some of Ray Comfort’s “Why Christianity” tract/ small booklet and this week God has helped me to pass out 5 of them. The first time I attempted to pass one out was when I brought the kids to the zoo Saturday. I was so nervous I was shaking and ended up leaving without passing any out. It’s so silly really, what am I so nervous about? Some one might say, “No thanks?” Read it and then give it back because they don’t agree with what it says? With each track I did pass out this week, with prayer, it has gotten easier. It’s really not that hard to say to the cashier who I’ve been making small talk with, “Can I give you a gospel track?”

I’m also working on praying more. I have this urgency in my spirit that God is wanting me to pray. I’ve felt like that for a while now and the men in our church have been teaching on prayer which has really been motivating me to start obeying and practicing it. At the encouragement of a brother in the Lord sharing what he does, yesterday I wrote up a prayer list of people and things to pray about for each day of the week. I think it’s going to help me be more focused and disciplined in prayer.

In my job as a mom of little ones, behavior and obedience are the main issues I’m working on with my kids right now. T.J learned to climb up on the kitchen table yesterday and teaching him not to do that took a lot of time yesterday! We’ll see what he does when he gets up.. he’s persistent, I wouldn’t doubt it if he tries right away to see if the rule still applies today!

I had started working on a list of family rules. I put them up in our kitchen and as I was going through out our days I was trying to edit the list to better fit our family and our needs. Some of the rules I wrote out I was finding were too broad and others too specific. While searching around the internet for other’s ideas I found “21 Rules” by Greg Harris. (Father  of the author Joshua Harris.) These were the rules that he wrote up for his family when his kids were young. (I don’t have time to include a link but if you google Greg Harris 21 rules it will come up)

I’ve had them up on our fridge for I think a week or so now and they are really changing our family in a positive way! First they are changing our family because they are changing me! I have to make sure if I’m teaching these rules that I have to follow them closer than anyone! A few challenging one’s for me that I am working on are, “when someone is sad we comfort them.” If my kids are whiny my natural response is to want them to just get over it. Now I’m working on stopping and taking the time to offer a hug or a solution to the problem in their world. (fixing the broke toy or whatever.) It’s also been a really big change for me to consistently clean up one thing before going onto another. I can be a scatter brain and the trail of random stuff I leave behind me shows that. I’ve had to really get organized and make sure everything actually has a place so that when I want the kids to clean up they know exactly where stuff goes and it’s easy to put it away. This has meant getting rid of a lot of stuff as well. I’ve also been working on speaking to my family with a respectful voice. AKA not yelling when I’m irritated.

As for my marriage challenge, there are 6 more days in January. (Including today.) This challenge has proved more challenging than I thought it would be but has also reaped some good fruit. Mostly I’ve realized how little I had been working to do nice things for my husband and how the all consuming task of motherhood has pushed things aside marriage wise. Before having kids you hear how it’s easy to neglect your spouse while parenting but until you’re in the thick of it it’s hard to know how true that is. Maybe (no promises!) at the end of the month I’ll write a “ways to bless your husband” post with different things I’ve come up with this month. It’s hard to come up with the creativity to do something different every day!

There’s more I want to share with you but it will have to wait for another day as it’s nearing 7:00 and I have to hurry to get dressed before my kids wake up!

Thanks for reading!





Once a year we bring our children to get their blood tested with  trial net.  Type 1 diabetes is unfortunately a genetic disease and while I hate getting my kids poked with needles, getting them tested once a year for the auto antibodies that cause type 1 diabetes is the best way to keep a check on their health and their blood is donated to research to help find a cure. This will be E’s second time getting tested and T.J’s first. Praise the Lord, last year E tested negative for all 5 autoantibodies. We’ll get them tested today and hear back about the results in 6 weeks or so.

If they were to test positive for any of the antibodies we then would learn about the different studies being done to see if there is any way to prevent the disease and then make a decision if we wanted to get involved.

We may visit the zoo afterwards so hopefully that will make it up to the kids for getting poked 😦

I wanted to share this because when E was a baby I asked every doctor I came in contact with about auto antibody testing and they all told me such a thing does not exist. I knew that couldn’t be true! Even doctors at the children’s hospital where trial net is located didn’t know that it existed in the hospital they were working at! They all told me essentially, “we can test blood sugar but no one tests for auto antibodies.”

I searched and asked around and spent a lot of time on line before I was told about trial net by a friend of a friend when I inquired on Facebook for help in my search.

I called the trial net testing facility in Florida who told me we had a facility right in Little Rock!

If you or one of your children have diabetes and are looking to get tested there is ether one in your area or you send blood throughout the mail using your local lab. I put a link up above.


This week our Bible verse is Ephesians 6:1 “Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.” I was surprised that E actually recognized and knew this verse pretty well from watching the Steve Green Hide ‘Em In Your Heart videos. I want to make sure I spend time teaching this scripture to my kids when they are not in trouble.  I want them to know these verse before the temptation comes.

As for my month of January marriage challenge, I have continued in it except for yesterday. I was not feeling good Monday so yesterday was a combination of catching up, busy in motherhood, errands, and then because of the shift work schedule we didn’t see each other very much so by the very end of the day I realized I had done nothing for the challenge and he was gone. Today is the 18th day and I’ll see if I can double up today to make up for yesterday.

I know it will make him happy if the car is wash and cleaned out well for a trip we have to make tomorrow and I want to work hard to get caught up on the laundry today so that will be done and laundry will not be a to do on his days off and we’ll be free to do other stuff. I know this doesn’t sound like much at all but they are two tiny ways I can serve him and show my love.

This morning I was reading in 2 Peter chapter 2 and 3.

Chapter 2 verse 9 a “The Lord knoweth how to deliverer the godly out of temptations..”

That’s a good verse to keep in mind and to pray as I am faced with temptation. “God, I know You know how to deliver me from this! Help me!”

T just got home and the kids will wake up soon. It’s time to shut down the computer and get this day started!

God bless you!

God’s presence in my life…


I read this post on epm.org this morning and I’m going to chew on this idea through out the day.

Prayer is an area of my life I feel God has been working in. I really struggle to pray. I have become more faithful in prayer through writing down my prayers, it keeps me focused. I really feel though that God wants me to take the next step and learn how to talk with Him and be in His presence. I want to come to a place where I practice praying continually like the Bible tells us to do.

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Pray without ceasing.


My husband and I have been reading through the gospels together very slowly. It’s not something we have regular time put aside for it’s just more like as time comes up we’ll say, “you want to read a chapter?”

A few mornings ago as we read chapter 10 of Mark together I noticed the word “Children” in verse 24. It put the lesson Jesus was trying to teach his disciples about the rich young ruler and everything being possible with God into the perspective of the lesson he was trying to teach them in the beginning of the chapter of having a child like faith. I wonder if he addressed them as children to remind them what he had previously been teaching them. Just a thought. Read through it yourself and see what you think.

Have a happy weekend!



You. That’s what this is about. You want to look good.


Open the Bible and see how much hypocrisy is condemned

Covers up the truth

Religious pretending

In all of us this sin has resided at one time or another.

Sincerity is what we need

Young children tend to spot hypocrisy the quickest

1 Peter 2:1-2 King James Version

Wherefore laying aside all malice, and all guile, and hypocrisies, and envies, and all evil speakings,

As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:

I read this verse this morning which was what lead me to spending some time thinking about hypocrisy.

God, as a follower of You, make me to walk in sincerity and truth

Snow, a day of spring and what I’m listening to

I’ve been listening to To Kill A Mockingbird by Lee Harper on audio. I couldn’t find it on audio at the library but it’s on Youtube. I feel like an emotional mess as I’ve been listening to it! I’ve saw the movie so long ago I couldn’t remember the details of how it ended. I have one more chapter to listen to. It is one of those books where I’m on edge waiting for it to end but I also don’t want it to end because I am so engaged.

While the movie focuses on the trial, which is the main focus of the book, the book also focuses quite a bit on education and the failure of the public school system. Reading between the lines I am picking up on a powerful pro private education message.

After I recover emotionally from reading the book I’ll have to rematch the movie and compare!

Yesterday we were blessed with a beautiful almost 70 degree day, just 5 days after we were playing in the snow in less than 20 degree weather! I couldn’t believe I was out walking with the kids, no coats on! Here’s a snow pic I said I’d share,


Snow’s in the snow!

This morning there are a lot of people I have on my heart that I am so burdened for. It seems that every where I turn people I love are hurting and struggling. God is good and I believe He will prevail and get the glory in all these situations. I know that’s vague but it’s what’s on my mind right now.

That’s all I have time to write today, I’ve got a little guy calling for me to come get him out of his crib. Blessings in Christ Jesus!



Heaven God’s answer for your every need By Randy Alcorn (touchpoints)

I had intended to read the actually book Heaven by Randy Alcorn but I didn’t realize until I brought it home that this was his “touchpoints” edition. It’s a condensed version of the book Heaven. It’s a small book 210 pages long. (The book is pocket sized so it’s not actually as long as it sounds.)

It’s written so that if you have a question about heaven you could pull it off your shelf, look up your question, example, “Is the present Heaven a physical place?” see that that question is on page 7 and flip to it. One question doesn’t really build upon another so it’s okay to skip around in the book reading which ever questions you’re most curious about.

I read it straight through. The more I read Randy Alcorn’s writings about Heaven and the new earth the more excited I get and the more I love God for being so good to His people!

Today I read something I had never thought about before. When answering the question “Does God value craftsmanship?” The author points out that the first man to be recorded in the Bible as being filled with the Spirit of God was Bezalel, a skilled laborer and craftsman. The description of his work tells us that he was a great artist. I thought it was a neat point that The Master Artist (God) filled a man with His Spirit to do beautiful skilled artwork for the building of the tabernacle for the glory of God.

It also has me wanting to do a Bible studying on old testament believers because now I wondering, were old testament believers filled with the Holy Spirit or was the Spirit on them or with them? I’m thinning about men pre Bezalel like Joseph, Enoch and Noah. I’m curious to search throughout the old testament and look up every time the Spirit was mentioned. Anyways! That’s another study topic for another time.

Our Bible verse for the week is Ephesians 5:2

And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweetsmelling savour.

Today for my marriage challenge I’m going to successfully start the truck without locking it lol! Yesterday I fulfilled the challenge with a quick back massage and back scratches for hubby. (without asking for a massage in return- that’s what made it something nice lol)



A heart close and right with God


I’m happy to say that having our verse of the week written up on our white board has made me memorize it easily. Just seeing it every time I walked by caused me to learn it. (although this photo looks like two children gazing serenely at scripture they were fighting about touching the whiteboard lol)

Yesterday I referenced Psalm 78. I bring it up because it highlights a sin that I want to keep in mind and ask God to help me not to be guilty of it as I worship Him with other believers today.

Psalm 78:36-37 “Nevertheless they did flatter him with their mouth, and they lied unto him with their tongues. For their heart was not right with him, neither were they stedfast in his covenant.”

Jesus says something very similar in

Matthew 15:8 “This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.”

Dear God Who is worthy of all worship,

Thank You that my sinful heart was been washed clean by Your blood. I pray my worship and adoration not be mere words with no depth but heartfelt praise and thanksgiving to my Redeemer. Make my heart desire You above all else. Make my mind steadfastly meditate on You day and night. Keep me from lying. I don’t want to say in a song that You are my everything and then forget You and walk in sin. I pray the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to You. Make both Godly. God, I don’t want my Christian walk to be fake or merely external or only existing in certain circumstances or among certain people. I pray You be the desire of my heart and I thank You that You are with me always. Remove from me hypocrisy and lying lips. Empower me by Your strength, not my own feeble attempts, to be on fire for You and not luke warm which You despise. May our relationship be living and vibrant. I pray You know me and I know You. May I be willing to say, “search me,” and may I be willing to change when You show me sin in my life.

In Jesus Name I pray and Jesus’ name I praise. A-men

Have a blessed Sunday everyone! Let’s worship our creator with heartfelt praise for He has been so good to us! If you need a reminder of God’s goodness and mercy, read the whole chapter of Psalm 78.

It’s a little after 7 and my kids are starting to stir, got to go put on my mom hat and get this day going!