Another Monday

Another Monday! What a blessing! Another day I’ve waken up alive and healthy. My healthy children still asleep in their beds while I enjoy this quiet moment.

Lord, this Monday is a gift from You and it belongs to You. May this Monday be used for Your glory. Help me today to have a spirit of Thankfulness. Empower me today with the fruit of gentleness and self control to be gentle with my family and myself when we get tired and grumpy. I pray You help me to live well and love people this Monday instead of plowing through my check list just trying to get stuff done. Help me to savor the moments with my baby even when he is teething and fussy and getting into everything! Help me to wonder at the curiosity of my 3 year old and not get annoyed with all the “whys?” Help me to grasp the immeasurable blessings contained in an ordinary Monday. In Jesus Name I pray

Ways I’m going to choose love today:

I’m going to take the time to teach E a Bible story

I’m going to say “yes” at least once to a game she wants me to play with her

I will make it a point to hold my fussy teether seeing this time as moments to cherish rather than a trial to get through

I’ll choose love by making sure I don’t complain about my husband’s work schedule realizing complaining won’t change anything

I’ll bundle the kids up and take some time this afternoon to explore God’s creation with them



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