The last day of my challenge!

Yesterday (Thursday) was cold and I had to keep my runny nose kiddos inside. I tried to make fun for them but being extroverted it’s always kind of hard for me when I have to stay home when the kids are sick. We made cookies, (and my weird kids thought warm cookies were icky..), did a preschool craft and watched Mary Poppins for the first time. It was my first time seeing it too. E loved that “step in time” song and had me play it 3 or 4 times for her to dance to! It reminded me of myself as a kid because even though I hadn’t seen the whole movie growing up we had a vhs that had different disney songs on it and step in time was one of my favorite to jump around to.

Anyways, I got most of the FlyLady morning routine done except for the laundry because my husband was sleeping. I even got in my stretching and E played by herself pretty well while I did it. I only had T.J crawling on me and pulling my hair lol! (yes, I’m trying to teach him not to pull hair!)

In the afternoons I like to take a 30 minute nap after my husband wakes up and before he goes to work but yesterday to get the grocery shopping done I had to leave as soon as he woke up. We needed groceries and I couldn’t take the kids out because of their colds. That made for a hard evening because I was really tired and in addition to the evening routine and feeding the kids dinner and bathing them etc. I also had to put up the groceries alone because my husband had to leave as soon as I got hime. We didn’t really see each other yesterday. Sigh. Night shift life.

Yesterday evening was one of those crazy parenting evenings when I’m just running from one thing to the next figuratively putting out fires. It seemed all evening one of the children were getting hurt or destroying something. I’ve been trying to get my evening routine done before the kids go down so I can relax after they are down but there was no way last night I could clean with them up. I got the baby to bed then did the laundry finally and let E stay up while I cleaned the kitchen.

My feet get really sore because they are bony. The only thing that relives the pain is to sit down. I was determined to not wake up to a messy kitchen this morning so I gritted my teeth and bore the pain. By the time I got E to sleep I could barely walk to my bedroom because of the pain so I didn’t do my chore of the day after she went to sleep which was to scrub the sink.

Today (Friday) on is “declutter your purse and car day” and the mission of the day is to clean off the top of the refrigerator and dust cobwebs in the kitchen. We’ll see how it goes!

FlyLady’s routine includes a Friday date night.. Hubby is working today but tomorrow he is off and we are planning on going to a company party. I’ll do something fun with the kids today, call it family fun day and call tomorrow night date night. 🙂

If your reading for the first time, this week I’m doing a little challenge to follow the housekeeping routine on If you need help getting organized she seems to be the internet’s organization guru. Check out her site!

Happy Friday!





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