continuing the challenge…

Because of my husband’s schedule yesterday (Tuesday) was more like a Saturday for us. We had a good day! I woke up really early and got done my assignment for the day from which was “plan and play day.” I got done the planning part any ways. Meal planning and making a grocery list and coupling requires some brain work so I like to get up extra early and do that before my kids wake up.

I also used this as kind of a “paper work day” and sorted and shredded the mail and sent out the bills that needed to be sent out.

I did manage to get my morning routine done except for exercise before we headed out early to spend the day visiting family. We needed up having company over for dinner too but I was still able to get the bedtime routine done. I just washed dishes while I visited.

As you can tell, we spent most the day having fun which is the “play” part of the assignment.

As for the 15 minute job of the day- I decided to put that off until Saturday which will be more like a work day for us. That job was to clean out the silverware drawer.

Today on Wednesday is “anti procrastination day.” The title itself is explanatory. I spent the time cleaning up the felt explosion in our loft.

Today’s assignment in the kitchen was to clean out the refrigerator. I didn’t do a deep clean or anything just got rid of the old stuff and wiped up the worse of it.

I did get done the morning and evening routines even though it took me all day to tackle one load of laundry. If you’re a mom I’m sure you know how that is!

I didn’t do any specific exercise. Motherhood is a constant workout but I do feel good when I stretch so I should find a way to do that. If I do it before my kids wake up my blood sugar spikes from early morning exercise and if I do it with them I just get crawled all over like a jungle gym… and I’m tired…

On a different note.. I had fun watching my kids at the library today. The librarian dumped a box of cotton balls on top the parachute so the kids could toss them up and down like snow. I wish I had a picture!

I better be getting to bed. Tomorrow is errand day on

If you’re reading this blog for the first time and wondering what I’m talking about, this week I’m sharing my challenge to follow the housekeeping routine found on If you need help organizing your home I’d suggest you check it out!


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