Monday- “home blessing hour”

It’s just a change of words really but I like the positivity used on when she calls mopping the floors and cleaning the bathrooms “home blessing.”

This week I’ve challenged self to follow the housekeeping routine found on

This week on her 15 minute jobs for the day are in the kitchen. Today her assignment is to wipe down the kitchen cabinets. I have no idea how long it’s been since I did this and it really needed done! I thought E would be interested in helping with this job since it involved water but she thought it was fun for like 2 seconds haha!

I’ve found that when I need to get work done around the house, my kids behave best if I first do something with them and then they are satisfied with playing on their own for a little while since they got some mommy time.

Before I started my morning chores today I did this little science experiment with E- It’s a plate of milk that she squeezed some food coloring into and then watched in amazement as drops of dish soap moved the colors all around.

Lately T.J has become interested in books, especially interactive touch and feel books. We had a good time looking at several together and then he was satisfied to crawl around and practice walking for a little bit.

This afternoon I asked my husband to bring the kids out for a while so I could have the house empty to clean. We rarely do any thing like that so having a couple hours to myself to clean without also taking care of kids felt like a vacation! It’s a lot easier to mop floors with out a 20 pound squirmy baby on my back- that’s the only way I can think of to keep him off the wet floors! (he doesn’t like the playpen) It’s a lot easier to clean toilets as well without little hands wanting to splash around in there!

T is off from work tonight and I found it really didn’t take away from family time at all to get the bedtime routine done.

That’s it for today, I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow!


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