FlyLady Morning and Saturday Routines

My morning routine usually gets separated into a few different times. Before the kids wake up I like to get dressed, make the bed, tidy the master bathroom and have time to read and write. How much I get done just depends on what schedule we are on and how late my kids sleep.

FlyLady’s morning routine is as follows;

Get dressed to shoes including hair/face, brush teeth

make bed

swish and swipe (what she’s talking about is the bathrooms. I usually do the master bathroom before the kids wake up and the other bathroom sometime after breakfast)

unload the dishwasher (makes loading dishes after each meal easy)

Reboot laundry (flylady recommends a load a day although I had 2 or 3 loads to catch up on today. Since we keep our cats food and litter box in the laundry when I start a load of clothes it’s also when I take care of the cats)

At this point in the routine today I got the kids ready to go and we went to a nearby state park where they were putting on an event to teach kids about birds. It was really fun for E! They had out different tools that represented different bird beaks and they had to find out which “beak” would do the best at picking up the specific foods that bird ate. (seeds, worms, nectar, frogs etc.) Saturday is family fun day in flylady’s weekly routine. Even though dad couldn’t be with us because of work I still do something special for the kids on Saturday’s.

Check your calendar

Check your control journal (my to-do list)

What’s for dinner? (hamburgers and hotdogs)

Drink your water (it’s really helpful to me to fill up a water bottle in the morning to remind me)

Declutter for 15 minutes (this week one of flylady’s places to declutter is the front porch and entry way and since I’ve got rotting pumpkins to get rid of I’m doing that!)

for me to remember to turn over the laundry I started in the morning, it’s most helpful for me to set the timer for 10 minutes after lunch and quickly turn over the laundry and load the lunch dishes.

15 minutes of loving movement- exercise (its cold and rainy here so I put on a stretching youtube video. It did help perk me up and helped me avoid the third cup of coffee I wanted!)


Tonight I got my bedtime routine done which will make getting ready for church tomorrow much more organized.

Enjoy your Saturday night!

If you are struggling with getting organized I encourage you to visit I’ve learned so much from her stuff about home management.



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