getting organized with FlyLady!

Have you ever been on

Lately our schedule has been crazy and consequently I feel like I’ve been falling behind on everything.

Today I had an appointment with my diabetes doctor and I’m taking a break from my insulin pump which means old school style shots which means I have to eat the same thing at the same time everyday and be super organized.

Whenever I hit a point in life where I start feeling over whelmed with my homemaking and life in general I start to reimplement FlyLady’s routines. This is one of those weeks!

My house is messy, our schedule is still crazy but I’m jumping in tonight in the midst of trying to prepare myself a week of meals for my new meal plan.

Her bedtime routine is as follows:

lay out your clothes for tomorrow (this is especially important for me when our schedule is crazy and I may not have access to my stuff because my husband is sleeping at odd hours)

Check your calendar (i put a reminder on the calendar to call the park in the morning to see if they have any free events going on to bring the kids to)

put things needed for tomorrow at the launch pad (for me as a sahm, this is a laundry bucket that I carry things out of my bedroom that I’ll need while my husband is sleeping so I don’t disturb him)

Where are your keys? (an important one for a master key loser like me!)

spend two minutes clearing off a hot spot (a spot that collects clutter easily)

shine your sink (it feels so good to wake up to a clean kitchen!)

wash face/brush teeth

go to bed at a decent hour (since with this schedule we are on I typically get up a little before 5 that’s pretty early)


Of course with children there was a lot of other things I was doing tonight putting them to bed and getting them through their routines but having someone have this laid out for me gives me a bit of something to fall back on when things get a little crazy.

I’m challenging myself this week to follow flylady’s daily routines and share how it is going with you here.

Changing the subject.. today my flute that my husband bought me came in the mail! I’m excited to start learning some simple hymns and worship songs.

That’s it for now!


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