T.V free rainy day activities

Yesterday was a cold and rainy day (that turned beautiful late afternoon!) I thought I’d share with you some of the ways my kids stayed busy inside.

  1. make something yummy. I usually do fast and easy to clean up breakfast but since we weren’t going any where I took the time to let E help me make some low carb waffles. Sticky deliciousness! img_6927

2. make a treasure hunt. This is something my dad used to do with my brother and I and we LOVED it as kids. It didn’t matter what we were looking for, the thrill was hunting down the next direction. I had E go in her room while I hid the directions. I knocked on her door and with a “pirate voice” presented her with a map. I had directions hid all over, including inside the fridge and stuck to the toilet! The end the map led her to my nail polish stuff and I painted her nails. Can you tell she couldn’t pick which color she wanted?!


3. Make baby a special spot. I had recently moved our Mark Twain collection that was on this bottom shelf because our 13 month old was destroying them. I put down a blanket and moved most of the baby books that couldn’t be torn from E’s room and set them up on that bottom shelf. It kept him entertained for a good 15 minutes which I realize in baby world is a good amount of time. 🙂 img_6934

4. Play with a sheet. Do you remember in elementary school playing with one of those rainbow parachutes in gym class? My kids love it when we I shake a sheet over their heads or we toss a stuffed animal up in the air. Of course we ended up making a tent! E’s favorite is rolling her up like a burrito, pretending to put hot sauce on her and then gobbling her up. I don’t know why kids love that so much. I can still remember taking ballet class when I was 7 and my favorite part of the class was when the teacher at the end would roll us up in the mats before she put them away and pretended we were burritos! I still remember how much fun that was!

5. Indulge your child’s imagination. Lately E has really been into pretending she is a dragon and asking me to play dragon with her. I cut out dragon shaped feet and after we decorated them taped them to her shoes.


6. paper chains. I used to spend hours as a child seeing how long I could make a paper chain! While I ran errands daddy made a really long one with E that is now hanging from the stair railing.


As a disclaimer, just because I titled this “T.V free activities” doesn’t mean my kids didn’t watch T.V. ! E watched little Einstein until I’m sure her eyes were hurting lol. Rainy days can be long! (especially when your kids wake up waaaay early and don’t nap..)





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