Hands Free Mama Book Review

I’m setting up a challenge for myself this weekend. Our family is celebrating Thanksgiving a couple days later than most people so this weekend is our holiday. My husband has some time off and I’m challenging myself to make this weekend a truly “Hands Free Mama” weekend. I’m going to disconnect from the internet, put the desires of my family and friends above my to-do list and have fun! I’m challenging myself to get on the floor and play with my kids even if it means the floors aren’t mopped before company comes over Sunday. I’m challenging myself to make this a weekend to remember, putting tired grumpiness aside and choosing only love. Maybe I’ll even throw out half my to do list and take a nap instead! I aim to lay aside perfectionism in my cooking and in my work to choose what’s most important- my relationships with those closest to me. Yes I have work to do but I’ll find a “hands free” way to do it! Only love today friends! Enjoy your weekend and thanks for reading!


Seems that I’m on a book review kick here on the blog!

I listened to Rachel Stafford Author of Hands Free Mama on a podcast a few weeks back put out by power of moms radio. I thought her message was really inspiring and I had been thinking about it for some time when I was at the library and while not even looking for it, saw it sitting on the shelf. I was so excited to get to read it! I could really relate to her struggles of living in the moment and the way she said she lived her life for two years, too busy to stop and savor the little things in life. The full title of the book is Hands Free Mama A guide to putting down the phone, burning the to-do list, and letting go of perfection to grasp what really matters! I’m not a…

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