Snow Family favorite memories from 2016

In no particular order here’s us taking some time to think back on some of the memories we made together this year. This year has been a good one. I think 2016 has been the or one of the best/ easiest years of my life. No major tragedy occurred and I wasn’t struggling through the stress of a high risk pregnancy. T.J has been a very easy baby allowing us to do a lot of different things even when he was really little.

I think a theme I see in our list of favorite memories is that we like to try new things together as a family. Even though traveling can be difficult with little ones, despite the hardships, those are the times that stick out in our minds as the most fun.

I have been very blessed!



our time in St.Louis and Iowa visiting family

doing a Hope In God Bible study with friends

bringing Ella to swimming lessons for the first time

starting Ella in gymnastics this fall

my brother Elijah and sister Sarah coming to visit for a week in the summer

The March birthday party we had at a ranch for all the kids in our family who had a March Birthday

doing the summer reading program with Ella

touring a cave and going swimming with family

time spent on Sunday afternoons with church friends

going on an overnight date night with my husband and the other dates we had this year- bike riding, visiting a museum, eating out

getting family photos done in the spring

our train ride in Colorado


playing with Betsy (her cousin)

playing in the snow in Colorado

getting two kittens


snowboarding in Colorado

going to Iowa and St. Louis

img_6091 img_2287 img_6348 img_5009

Psalm 65:11

Thou crownest the year with thy goodness; and thy paths drop fatness.


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