I’m thinking about fall!

I love fall! It’s so cliche but the moment I feel the weather start to cool and the humidity give way I get so happy. A cold crisp morning makes me so over the moon happy after the heat of summer that it’s embarrassing. Must be the New Englander in me haha. Anyways… it’s September and I don’t care if it’s still miserably hot out in Arkansas, with the flip of the calendar into September I start declaring it fall!

I made my children a summer fun bucket list the last 2 years so without further ado, here is the Snow family 2016 fall fun bucket list! This one’s not just for the kids but for me too!

1. go camping (I put this at the top because it’s one we didn’t get around to this summer)
2. make a low carb pumpkin pie for me and a regular one for my family
3. Let’s make a low carb pumpkin pie spice cheesecake while we’re at it
4. go apple picking
5. and then bake my children apple everything
6. of course pumpkin picking and fall decorating
7. Teach E about the first Thanksgiving
8. She may be old enough to enjoy making pilgrim and indian costumes this year…
9. Get Grandpa to bring us on a hay ride around the mountain (pretty please 🙂 )
10. go hiking
11. one word: campfire.
12. chili cook off anyone?
13. crayon leaf rubbings with E
14. make my kids a giant leaf pile and
15. take a gazillion pictures
16. go shopping for new clothes for both my growing kids
17. drink herbal teas
18. make clam chowdah
19. have a fall picnic
20. give thanks! Last year I made a thankful tree for E. I want to do something along those lines again.
21. visit the fair
22. find a corn maze
23. cook with fresh squash
24. get out my knitting needles and make something!
25. burn fall scented candles
26. go star gazing in an open field
27. make cinnamon play dough
28. read the kids fall themed books
29. teach E about why leaves change colors
30. decorate with mums

phew! thats’s a lot! I like to aim high though when it comes to fun 😉

can you think of anything that you’d add to this list?


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