Grandma’s Tea Party Baby Shower

Last night I had over all my beautiful nieces and their mama’s and their Grandma for a tea party. My sister in law Jessica is expecting Aysling Grace any day now! Isn’t she the most stunning pregnant lady!?


My mother in law started a really fun tradition of the girls in the family getting together for tea parties. We dress up, eat and play games. In the past she has picked some pretty fun themes including an 80’s tea party, a 70’s tea party and a pioneer/ indian tea party. IMG_6303

I decided to combine both a tea party and a little celebration of the newest girl in the family on the way! I made the theme, “A baby is brewing” and sent out invitations addressed to the ladies of each household.

Grandma with all her granddaughters!


I set the table with what I had even using just a blanket for one of the table cloths. I bought some paper dollies to dress it up and pulled it together with pink carnations. Nothing pinterest worthy but to the little girls I’m sure it looked fancy.

IMG_6302_2 IMG_6301

The menu was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and egg salad sandwiches served on soft white bread cut into triangles to make them look fancy. I set out tea bags, sugar, lemon and cream on the tables. For sides I served crackers and dip, turkey and cheese rolls on tortillas, fruit parfaits with strawberry yogurt for some extra pink and white powdered donuts.



I wanted to take the opportunity to teach E a few table manners so under several of the plates I placed a strip of paper that I had written a different table manner on. I told the guests that if they found a manner under their plate it was their job to teach the girls at their table about it.

I googled “women of the Bible trivia” and came up with a list of 20 “who am I?” questions that I asked. I just went around the tables and asked each guest the next question changing it if it was a younger girl and it needed to be more age appropriate. The guest could either answer the question or say “reference” and I told them where in the Bible to find the answer. I had put a Bible on each table for that purpose.

The only baby shower activity I did was to have everyone write something either funny or encouraging on an itty bitty newborn diaper for the mama to be. We’ve had so many baby showers over the years it’s hard to come up with an activity that hasn’t already been done!

We took pictures of each of the mom’s with their daughters.








E had so much fun getting ready and I felt bad for her that she had to wait all the way to 6:00 in the evening! I tried to make the whole day special by announcing “happy tea party day!” when she woke up and then doing little things with her to keep her involved in the getting ready process through out the day. I surprised her with new nail polish, she helped set the name cards out and she put the flowers in the jars after I cut them. I had bought her granola bars that had sesame street characters on the box and called it a special tea party day breakfast. She loved it!

Hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures. How do you celebrate new babies or make special memories with the children in your family?




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