Marriage Is Forever

I’ve been talking about wanting my husband and I to get wedding ring tattoos for a while now. I kept hesitating though because I didn’t really know how to go about finding a reputable tattoo place and I didn’t want to you know get a disease. (Yep, total germaphobe here!)

Yesterday we went out to visit my sister in law (or so I thought!). When we got there she asked me if T.J needed anything to eat. I told her he shouldn’t be hungry because I feed him right before we left. “What about while you’re gone? Will he need anything then?” she asked. “Huh? where am I going?” realizing my husband must have planned for us to go on a date.

He didn’t tell me where we were going until we got in the car. He said he would tell me so I could have some time to decide what I wanted. We were headed to go get our tattoo rings! I already knew exactly what I wanted, a thin simple line across my ring finger. He wanted the same thing just thicker which is what I had thought would look good as well. He had done some research and found a place that had good reviews of being clean and the artists had good reviews for their work.

The funny thing is, as we drove out to his sister’s house I had been thinking about getting the tattoos because I saw a tattoo parlor on the way.

For me it kind of felt like we were renewing our vows with the act of putting something permanent and visible on our hands as a symbol of our commitment to each other. While it was a fun experience to do something like that, I felt like it was a sober moment as well. It was a moment where I felt like we were willing to demonstrate in a tangible way, “yep, after 6 years, after good times and bad, after 3 kids, I still mean it. Till death do us part.”



IMG_6282       Yes, we felt as out of place as we looked lol!





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