My Saturday To Do List

To Do list are how my mind works. If I do’t have a to do list I feel like my mind can’t concentrate on anything all day. Here’s what I’ll be up to today.

Try scrambled eggs with T.J again

measure out water for the day, take vitamins, do a workout video

30 minute tidy up

show Ella how to use new paint markers

ready bill to send out

fill out and send invitations to baby shower I’m putting on

wrap baby shower gift

hang up new frame in T.J’s nursery

bake a double bath of cookies with E one for potluck tomorrow and one for family tonight

prepare soup for potluck tomorrow

do ironing for church tomorrow

pack newborn baby stuff up to send out to T monday

lunch: hotdogs, veges and pasta

clean up

bathe children

read to children

1:00 nap time

write and send out Bible study email to Bible study friends

ready children to go to Tom E Tiger with dad before he goes to work, pack snacks for afterwards

Tom E Tiger

pick up needed food to bring to friend with new baby tonight

visit with friend


clean kitchen

pack diaper bag for church tomorrow, lay out everyone’s clothes

Do some Bible time and prayers with children

Children’s bedtime


I better get busy! Have a happy Saturday everyone!


Editing to update:

I didn’t get any cookies made because I was out of sugar and I didn’t do as much prep work for Sunday as I had wanted to but beside that my list helped me get just about everything else done. It was a good day but I always tend to be a bit of an overachiever with my to do list and pack to much into my day sometimes.




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