My (funny) getting up early technique

When my husband is on night shift I have no choice but to wake up what feels like waay to early after being up with a screaming teether during the night. I’ve come up with a way to get my tired self out of bed and also not wake up the children. If my children woke up at 5 the day would be pretty much ruined. They would be in tired winy mode all day and I would have gotten up early for nothing as they would be clinging to me crying while I got nothing done. Getting up without waking them was at first a challenge since I NEED caffeine to get up at 5 but the quiet trickle of the coffee brewing would wake them up almost every time.

So out of desperation was born my morning wake up routine. The night before I put my coffee pot, coffee cup, spoon and sweetener in the master bathroom. Yep, on the bathroom counter. It’s the farthest room from the kids side of the house and there are two doors to block noise.

I put my cellphone with the alarm set in the bathroom as well. If I put it on the night stand next to me I know I will keep hitting the snooze button. I have to jump up and run to turn it off before it gets louder and might wake the kids so that gets me out of bed! I immediately start the coffee and then sit on the floor to drink it and do my morning devotions. Sitting on the bed or a couch would make me fall back asleep but the floor is hard and uncomfortable to so I wake up.

Before my husband goes to sleep for the day I put the coffee pot back in the kitchen so I can have a post lunch cup to keep me upright and parenting ha ha.

So now the internet knows my desperate mom brewing coffee in the bathroom wake up strategy. Don’t judge me lol! Tell me how you start your day before the kids without waking them up.


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