Creative Baby Food

After baby boy’s 9 month appointment where I discussed with his pediatrician what foods my little guy could now have at this age (everything but honey) I was ready to go home and make some baby food!

I really like making baby food. I think it’s a way for me to be creative while being 100% practical.

Here’s a few things I’ve come up with this week. I like following recipes but here are a few that I came up with on my own.


This one is pureed sweet potato with garlic salt, italian seasoning, cream cheese, butter and parmesan cheese. Baby boy’s pediatrician suggested cream cheese to get some extra calories in him. This should do it, he gobbled it up! (mash together before serving)




This is a pureed peach from a local farm that I mixed with coconut oil for calories and flavor. The thin consistency of the peach and the slippery oil made it hard to actually get into baby boy’s mouth so I mixed it with some rice cereal to thicken it up. IMG_6167






My banana baby has been constipated due to his love of bananas so for breakfast I served prunes and oatmeal. I put preservative free prunes in a pan and covered them with water. I simmered them for about 10 minutes until they were plump and soft. After making them smooth in the blender I mixed them in with oats, a pinch of cloves and a scoop of baby’s goat milk formula. He pooped 3 0r 4 times that day so it definitely worked!IMG_6166









As a kid one of my favorite foods was canned spaghetti o’s with the hot dogs in it. Who am I kidding? I would love a can of that now! (maybe I’m weird but I love spaghetti o’s!) This is the healthy homemade version I came up with. I prepared and cut up in tiny pieces the pasta, added peas and little bits of hotdog. I topped the whole thing with tomato sauce and cut up bits of fresh basil and stirred that in. I’m really paranoid about choking so I actually peeled the skin off the hotdog before I cut it up. I used all natural nitrate free 100% beef hotdogs. I put about half this portion on his tray for him to practice feeding himself and I feed him the other half to make sure he actually got something in his stomach. Yes he needed a bath after and no I didn’t give him a glass dish!









I mixed sweet potato and an egg and fried it into these little pancakes that I then tore into bite sized pieces.









This is some dessert inspired baby food. I mixed applesauce with cinnamon, formula and some chia seeds for protein. I crushed up a pumpkin flavored teething cracker to top it and then baked it all in the toaster oven.





looks good huh? Share with me your baby food master pieces in the comments!





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