Attitude Goal Setting

Last night got busier than I thought it would be so I didn’t get a chance to check in. I shared my goals of wanting to be an energetic and cheerful mom yesterday. It was really neat to have a “to do” list that didn’t focus on chores and activities I needed to check of my list. I liked how it really did change my attitude putting in writing what I wanted my day to look like as far as the only thing I ultimately have control over- my attitude.

I’m not saying I was a perfect mom all day, far from it! You should shave seen the dinner time show down where an unnamed child threw her dinner over the table onto the floor! Cheerful mom was not the mom that came out at the moment!

I really recommend writing down what kind of attitude you are wanting to have for the day. Do you want to radiate love to your children? Maybe commit to smiling at your child every time your eyes meet. Or have a goal to take deep breaths and walk away for a moment when you get angry. As moms, our days won’t ever go like we envision them but with God’s abundant grace and with prayers of strength we can be a better mom today than we were yesterday.

Have a great weekend every one!  My goal for this weekend is even if the day is busy to slow down and enjoy little moments with my family and to be fully present in those moments.



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