15 Minute Tidy Up- It works!

If you spend any amount of time readings homemaking or child rearing blogs written by veteran moms and homemakers you’ll find one reoccurring tip- the 15 minute tidy up.

Amy from raining arrows.net recommends it. Sheila Gregoire recommends it in her book Raising Kids You Actually Like. If you’ve spent any amount of time in the homemaking blogging world, you’ve probably heard of flylady.net which is where I get a  lot of my housework methods from (loosely!). She uses the timer a lot for motivation.

As a quick motivation for my fellow homemakers out there I thought I’d publish this case in point:


pretty bad huh? I had gotten home from town with the kids and had feed them lunch. Groceries needed put  up, food needed put away, lunch needed cleaned up, the dishwasher needed unloaded. We even had hiking stuff on the table from 2 days ago. 15 minutes of speed cleaning later and…


Not perfect but WAY better than it was just 15 minutes before.

To make the 15 minutes most effective I can’t just wander around picking random stuff up, I have to be deliberate in order to get the most done in that small amount of time. I first choose to clear off the table, then the island, then the counter tops, then unload the dishwasher and loaded up what dishes I could in the 2 remaining minutes. I like to break it up like that because if I have to stop for some reason mid way through at least one thing is done such as the table being cleared off and wiped down.

15 minute increments make big projects feel small. It also gives children a frame of reference to let them know the cleaning won’t last forever, just until the timer goes off.

So set your timers ladies and MOVE for 15 minutes, then enjoy the satisfaction of a job done! Happy Homemaking!



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