“Quiet Time” when the kids are up

My poor little guy has a stuffy nose which woke him up so many times I lost track. I had to sleep in this morning until the kids woke up at 7 instead of getting up early to have a quiet time before they get up. On days like these it’s easy to forget the whole thing but I especially need God’s Word on days that are a little crazy!

If I’m doing a Bible time with the kids I keep it short and sweet and prepare myself for a little bit of chaos. I don’t expect the kids to sit and listen first thing in the morning, I just let them do their own thing while they are in the same room. There’s a time to teach kids to sit but this isn’t my goal for this. Also, keep in mind they are 3 and almost 9 month.

I sang a hymn and a read a hymn I didn’t know the tune to. My 3 year old kind of sleepily rocked back and forth so she enjoyed it. If I’m reading to the kids I will usually pick a Proverb because they are short and I can expound every verse or 2 in 3 year old terms what it means. Example: “show me your eyes!! This says the eyes of the Lord are in every place beholding the evil and the good. That means God sees everything. He sees you playing and sleeping and going to the park..”

By this time I had baby boogers wiped all over me and E managed to trip and somehow knock over the full cup of coffee I had tucked kind of under the couch to keep from being spilled. See? Prepare for chaos!

I used the Proverb we just read as an outline for a prayer.

While we ate breakfast I put 2 Thessalonians on audio which was just a little over 6 minutes long. Listening to the Bible is really the easiest way for me to absorb the Word while my hands are busy with my work.

What does devotion time look like for you when you are involving your children and how has it changed at different ages?





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