A Few Reasons I’m Taking A Facebook Break

I recently decided to deactivate my Facebook account. I’m not running away forever (okay I actually don’t know if I will get back on or not) but here’s a few reasons why I’m taking a break at least for the summer.

  1. MLM. For those who don’t know that stands for multi level marketing. I really don’t mind if a friend gets on Facebook and is like, “I’m selling this product and I want every one to know.” That’s fine, with starting a business FB lets you tell a lot of people at once what your doing. But…. I probably have 10 or so friends on FB involved in MLM. If they each post say only 3-5 posts each per day, that really adds up on my newsfeed. I feel like I’m just scrolling and scrolling through product info and why I should sell such and such a product.
  2. Donald Trump. In a short sentence: Donald Trump is a wicked man and seeing my conservative friends back him and gush about how they can’t wait to vote for “a real man” boggles my mind. It makes me want to argue back and list reasons why they shouldn’t vote for him but I have no time for that and God hasn’t called me to argue with people in FB comments. It made me want to get off FB because every pro Donald Trump post was a temptation to engage and then I’d get upset that I didn’t have time to comment and it is just better if I don’t see it in the first place.
  3. The sin of compare. I’ll be honest, I am not immune to seeing rosy glimpses of people’s lives and comparing those things with my own life. Before I deactivate my account tomorrow, I’m collecting contact information of people I want to stay in touch with so I can do a better job at fostering real relationships.
  4. Facebook can keep me emotionally in places I would have otherwise moved on about. In the natural course of life, people move in and out of our lives and over time we lose contact with certain people and that’s okay. With Facebook you can stay connected with anyone from any point in your life and sometimes that’s a good thing but other times it can leave me mentally stuck in a place and time that was years ago. Does that make any sense?

A few reasons I like Facebook and may be back on;

  1. I moved all the way across the country from my family and friends I grew up with. Facebook is how I have felt connected with these people on a daily basis.
  2. I have been part of a group that is dedicated to people who have type 1 and follow Dr. Bernstein’s diet and insulin regimen. I get a lot of encouragement from that and will miss it.
  3. Other people like to keep up with my kids and it’s easier to post on Facebook so everyone can see a picture at once instead of individually texting and emailing which takes time.
  4. A lot of my friends share really encouraging stuff that I like to read.
  5. People use FB for invitations. Without FB my kids may not get invited to their friends birthday parties and people are even using FB invite for weddings. I guess if I’m not close enough to the person to get an invite by person or a text than it may not really matter.
  6. Again, Facebook groups. From homeschooling to baby wearing to anything you can think of, finding like minded people to meet or talk with is just a click away.
  7. I’m a stay at home mom. If my kids are sick for 4 days and I can’t go out, Facebook makes it so I can feel like I’m socializing when I can’t leave the house.


So, today I’m just kind of rambling about a few of the thoughts floating around my head. What about you? Is Facebook more of a help or a drain for you?



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