What Makes Life Complete By Valeeta Snow

My sweet mother in law wrote this poem the other morning and text it out to all her children and their families.

I wanted to be able to share the wisdom, eternal perspective and love she put in it with every one.


She sent it out with this message attached: For my children and grandchildren from Grandma Valeeta. Because I love you all so much and wanted you to know just how I feel. (Isn’t she the best!?)

What Makes Life Complete?

Do you know what makes life complete?

It’s not the things we possess,

Nor even food we eat.

It’s not in money, fortune, or fame,

Or even in a person’s name.

God told us in His Word what makes life complete.

He’s the Saviour, Jesus, so gracious and sweet.

He died in our place so with Him we could be,

Living above for Eternity

But, in this world He blessed us still

With children and grandchildren doing His will.

They’re what makes life complete

While living here on earth.

From the moment of their earthly birth.

So no matter what the world may say.

You all are the blessings that came our way.

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