Summer Fun Bucket List 2016

I made one of these lists last year for E and now I have two kiddos to have fun with this summer. I’m brainstorming things I want to do with them this season.

  1. Splash pad playdate at city park
  2. Water park day
  3. go camping
  4. get a sandbox for our back yard
  5. visit a park we’ve never been to
  6. summer reading program
  7. go to a fair
  8. plant potted flowers
  9. plant some vegetables and herbs
  10. watch fireworks
  11. visit the zoo
  12. berry picking
  13. Go to our favorite swimming spots and play on the ‘beach’
  14. go on a road trip to visit cousins
  15. go for a nature walk
  16. find some where to do sidewalk chalk (we don’t have a paved driveway)
  17. face paint
  18. go see a kids movie at the theatre
  19. make your own pizza night
  20. pillow fight
  21. star gazing
  22. read stories outside
  23. host a bbq for friends
  24. make cool aid play dough
  25. learn to swim, take swimming lessons
  26. t shirt decorating
  27. bake cookies
  28. grow a sunflower
  29. make homemade popsicles
  30. bake a cake

One thought on “Summer Fun Bucket List 2016

  1. Reblogged this on snowinlove and commented:

    I’m looking over this list that I made for my kids this past spring and reliving so many fun memories we made this summer. E got to do almost everything on this list. The only things we didn’t get to that I’ll have to make some time for is the T-shirt decorating, make your own pizza night, a pillow fight, sidewalk chalk, camping, and star gazing. Maybe we can fit the camping and star gazing in this fall when it is cooler and will be more enjoyable. My husband really hates camping though because the kids keep us up all night so I don’t know. 🙂


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