Family Tributes to Titus (continued)

This poem was written by my brother in law’s wife Jessica.


“His Promises”

Even in darkness and when we feel crushed,

His faithful love is holding us.

And through the dark His love illumes,

Reminding us of these His truths:

His perfect strength through weakness,

The sufficient grace He freely gives,

The promise soon of no suffering,

Of reigning then with Christ, our King.

These promises give his children peace,

And knowing that the tears will cease,

Each caught by the hands of the Loving One,

Whose love so great He sent His Son.

His love so great that He would die,

That the Son of Man be glorified.

That God be glorified through Him,

No other blood could cleanse our sin.

And each of these His rescued ones

Who’ve accepted Him and what He’s done,

As debt fulfilled for their own  crimes,

Can understand the reason why,

That in this life each tragedy,

Does not mean God does not see.

Does not mean He does not care.

Does not mean He was not there.

Instead He uses grief and pain

Because in loss there’s greater gain

Only in weakness can others see

The Living God glorified in me.

Blessed are those who do not see

Far blessed are they that then believe

That God still sees and God still cares

In pain He gives the grace to bear.

-Aunt Jessica

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