Family Tributes to Titus (continued)

This poem was written by my sister in law Sarah.


“A Different Miracle”

Joy filled my heart as I leapt off the last stair,

Then I heard a cry of terror split the air.

I watched in horror as fear filled my heart,

Surely God would not allow this newborn soul to depart!

Confidence crept in as I prayed for the precious babe,

I knew God would spare the life that He gave.

Alas, too soon, anger began to fill my pleas within.

He was not giving what I expected of Him.

Why would God let my family fell this grief?

I felt I would hold this against the One in whom I placed my belief.

In the midst of my despair,

I listened to a song my sister sang in prayer.

But as I looked up I saw a sight that filled my eyes with tears,

And that sight seemed to melt all my anger and fears.

‘Twas not my sister as I had wrongly assumed,

The Mother of the son filled the air with her song of sweet perfume.

“‘Tis So Sweet” was the song that comforted us.

Titus Bristow heard these last words as he flew to Jesus.

As I listened to her beautiful lyrical,

I knew God had given us a different miracle:

The assurance that He will never leave,

Even in times it’s hardest to believe.

-Aunt Sarah

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One thought on “Family Tributes to Titus (continued)

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing this moment as one cannot fathom the loss of their newborn babe, so many mothers and families are faced with this harden truth sleep sound in Jesus sweet baby


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