20 Random Facts About Me

Saw a friend of mine do one of these on her blog and it looked like fun, so here we go…

  1. The Myers-Briggs personality test has me pegged at 60% extroverted and 40% introverted. You think that would make me a very balanced person but instead I’m just awkward in every possible situation
  2. I spend my free time reading medical literature. So nerdy but I can tell you a treatment for just about anything.
  3. I’m an obsessive list writer. Yep, I see the irony of this being in a list… but seriously I write multiple to do lists every day
  4. I have 1 full brother, 2 half siblings and 5 step siblings
  5. My favorite food is a hot ‘n buttery lobstah roll
  6. I only read non-fiction books. Even as a kid I thought fiction was a waste of time when I could be reading something real.
  7. I can milk a cow and milked a couple of them every morning for a while
  8. I was married at 17
  9. Now a days I talk with an Arkansan accent but when I talk to my babies my voice gets all New England. Are you ti-ed? Poor baby is sta-vin! Breakfast will be ready in two shakes of a pussy cats tail.. Does that count as raising children bilingual?
  10. Very cliche’ to say but my favorite season is fall and everything associated with it makes me happy- cold weather, pumpkins, sweaters, hayrides, thanksgiving…
  11. My favorite hobby is reading, especially autobiographies
  12. Ever since first grade gym class my favorite game has been capture the flag
  13. I have had type 1 diabetes for 10 years
  14. My biggest pet peeve? Probably tardiness weather in myself or other people
  15. I enjoy serving people good homemade food but I don’t actually like cooking even though I’m good at it. I see cooking as a chore on my to do list.
  16. When people guess my age they usually add at least a few years to how old I am
  17. I love camping but hardly ever go
  18. If you ever see me adding an extra letter u to words it’s because I read the King James translation of the Bible and forget that other people don’t use archaic spellings like ‘saviour’
  19. I attend a home church. Meaning, the group of believers we meet with worship in each other’s homes instead of getting a building.
  20. My favorite color is red

Now you know a little more random weirdness about me 🙂



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