What I’m obsessing about (I mean learning about) at the moment

I recently heard about this 82 year old Doctor who has been living with type 1 diabetes for 70 years! Not only is he still alive he is in excellent health, even better health than most non-diabetic his age. As an engineer he experimented on himself and has come up with what he believes is the best insulin protocols, diet and exercise regimens for diabetics. He became a Doctor largely in part to get his findings published and to be able to help other diabetics.

The basis of his solution is an extremely limited, very low carb diet. No-no’s on the diet include even things like onions and tomatoes, things I generally think of as low carb. Even the allowed foods must be eaten in small quantities. I’m really fascinated though by the level of excitement coming from the people who follow his regimen. There is a FB page dedicated to people living his regime called type1grit and they post pictures of their CGM’s with steady lines and no wild roller coaster blood sugars. There appears to be quite a few children on this diet and none of them look skinny in the pictures. The one’s I have seen all look very healthy and say great things about how good they feel with stabilized blood sugars.

Dr. Bernstein has something like 112 videos on youtube and I’ve spent quite a few hours watching them. He really is a genius and he has helped me to under stand some chemistry and biology that I didn’t quite get before.

I noticed after looking at Pinterest that he’s got quite a few fans on there sharing recipes.

I recently met a whole family who follows this diet for the health of their young daughter and the mom who both have diabetes. I’m going to get together with her sometime soon to ask her how does this work in real life? The book is kind of technical and is a little overwhelming- 472 pages of information.

Anyways, that’s what I’ve been obsessing, (I mean learning!) about lately




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