Redeeming The Time

After a long night with the baby yesterday I was waken early by my daughter. I thought back to the days before T.J was born when I could wake up before my daughter and spend time in prayer and read my Bible. I thought about how I wish I actually had time to read my Bible these days.

When I thought about it though, I really am not trying that hard to find time. For example, I nurse the baby how many times a day? (I don’t know since i nurse on demand but a lot!- in fact I’m nursing and typing with one hand now!) What do I usually do with that time? Scroll through pinterest and check Facebook.

What would happen if I changed that habit? If i kept a book mark in a Bible next to where I nurse? 6 or 8 or so times a day I would be renewing my mind with God’s Word. Better yet, I could read it aloud and grow my children’s faith. I used to do that with E when she was a baby but somewhere along the way i stopped. It was probably when I got an iPhone to be honest.

So this year this is a small little habit I want to start that will reap a lot of good without a lot of effort.

If you are a busy mama of little ones what small habit can you change or start that will redeem the time this year?


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