20 Ways To Share The Gospel

Christian, do you need some inspiration? Is it your new year’s resolution to be more diligent to share the gospel? Here I’ve listed 20 ways to share the good news with someone today.

  1. Write out your own testimony and share it via social media
  2. When checking out your groceries give the bagger a big “thank you,” a tip and a gospel track.
  3. Find out where the free speech zone is at at a near by college and take some time passing out tracts and striking up conversations with students.
  4. if you are talented musically, use your gift to sing hymns to people in a nursing home.
  5. Answer people’s spiritual questions on YahooAnswers. I haven’t had time to do this one since having children but people read the answers to the questions they’ve posted.
  6. Volunteer at a pregnancy resource center. A lot of communities have one and it’s a great way to reach people one on one.
  7. Pass out gospel tracts at parades
  8. write some one a letter
  9. Sponsor a ¬†child through a ministry like Compassion International. It’s really neat to get to share the gospel to your sponsor child through letters
  10. Make friends with people you regularly come in contact with. Be outgoing with and genuinely care for the people who do your hair, work at the grocery store, who work at the gas station etc.
  11. Bake treats for the librarians at your library or the people who work at the bank and attach a hand written card with Bible verses on it
  12. Send someone a Bible. Voice of The Martyrs Ministries has a way for you to send Bibles to people in need in other countries.
  13. Pass out tracts at fairs and music festivals
  14. Have a Bible study in your home and invite unbelievers
  15. Ever heard of a sidewalk chalk gospel presentation? It’s using pictures and a small amount of words to share the gospel. I don’t live in town but if I did it would be a creative way to share the gospel for people walking by.
  16. Use the holidays as an opportunity to witness. Give your mailman a “thankful for you” plate of cookies with a tract attached on Thanksgiving
  17. Be hospitable. Open up your home and invite unbelievers over for dinner.
  18. I knew someone who said he sent gospel tracts in the bills he paid. (I wouldn’t recommend this one if your bill is late!)
  19. send homemade cards to a prison that you’ve written verses in or put a tract in
  20. Contact a prison chaplain and offer to buy Bibles for his ministry

Leave some more ideas or share ways you’ve shared the gospel before in the comments!


Redeeming The Time

After a long night with the baby yesterday I was waken early by my daughter. I thought back to the days before T.J was born when I could wake up before my daughter and spend time in prayer and read my Bible. I thought about how I wish I actually had time to read my Bible these days.

When I thought about it though, I really am not trying that hard to find time. For example, I nurse the baby how many times a day? (I don’t know since i nurse on demand but a lot!- in fact I’m nursing and typing with one hand now!) What do I usually do with that time? Scroll through pinterest and check Facebook.

What would happen if I changed that habit? If i kept a book mark in a Bible next to where I nurse? 6 or 8 or so times a day I would be renewing my mind with God’s Word. Better yet, I could read it aloud and grow my children’s faith. I used to do that with E when she was a baby but somewhere along the way i stopped. It was probably when I got an iPhone to be honest.

So this year this is a small little habit I want to start that will reap a lot of good without a lot of effort.

If you are a busy mama of little ones what small habit can you change or start that will redeem the time this year?