Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

This week I’ve started back up with the teaching mama curriculum with E. This week I taught her about the letter I.

IMG_2424  IMG_2426

I is for ice, ice cream and insects..

IMG_2422  Sensory play, painting on ice

IMG_2427       IMG_2432

We checked out several bug books from the library and watched videos about bugs on youtube. Ella is really into lady bugs right now because we have so many of those lady bug look a like beetles around our yard and house right now.

IMG_2428  IMG_2429

The best activity this week was making homemade ice cream with two ziplock bags. I was surprised by how good it came out!

I don’t have much time to write today but I wanted to do a quick preschool update.

We’ve also done some fun seasonal stuff this week. We made and decorated ginger bread people and E got to experience going to a parade for the first time. She sat on dad’s shoulders and went back and forth from being really excited to pulling out dad’s hair when she got scared of the noise! At the end of the parade a Santa was on top of a fire truck and the kids yelled “Santa!” except for E who yelled, “It’s Grandpa!”

Have a happy weekend!





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