Practical Preparations for a Peaceful Sunday Morning

Getting a little one(s) out the door and at church on time isn’t always easy but there are a few things that if I’m diligent to do them Saturday night make Sunday mornings both relaxing and gets my family to church on time.

  1. Tidy up the house. I don’t mean deep clean or anything but if we can wake up Sunday morning to a clean kitchen and the place generally picked up it takes the stress level down a whole bunch getting ready the next morning.
  2. Have an easy to prepare and clean up dinner Saturday night.
  3. plan breakfast for the morning. We do simple breakfasts on Sundays, cereal, oatmeal etc.
  4. lay out everyone clothes including shoes. For some reason little ones shoes seem to disappear just as we are getting ready to head out…
  5. Pack the diaper bag including quiet time church activities for the kids and mom and dad’s Bible’s, hymnals etc.
  6. If your church eats lunch together like ours does, do as much prep work Saturday night as possible. I like casseroles and desserts like cakes or cookies the best because they can be entirely prepared Saturday night and just heated up Sunday. Even if you eat at home, planning and doing as much food prep as you can the night before will get a hungry family fed faster.
  7. If the children can be bathed at night instead of in the morning that’s one less ¬†thing you have to do.
  8. check to see how much gas is in your car and either fill up or allot enough time the next morning for a stop.

Something that I have not been doing but would like to implement is a Saturday night devotional time. Both to prepare my heart and the hearts of my children to learn from the Word in the morning and also do have some practice time sitting down for my 2 year old.

What are your tips and suggestions for a relaxing and on time Sunday morning?


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