2015 Thankful list

We had our Thanksgiving celebration today (the day after Thanksgiving) and to mark the occasion I want to take some time to sit down and reflect on all the things God has blessed me with. So here’s a list of thanksgiving in no particular order.

  1. my husband
  2. my daughter
  3. a baby boy born this year
  4. my baby boy in heaven
  5. our home
  6. an abundance of good food
  7. clean water
  8. heat for our home
  9. the Bible
  10. to live in the U.S.A
  11. to have heard the gospel
  12. for friends
  13. for church
  14. for extended family
  15. for our vehicles
  16. I’m thankful to live in a safe community
  17. for my husbands job
  18. for our health
  19. for the discovery of and access to insulin
  20. for my baby’s sweet scent
  21. for my 2 year old’s curiosity
  22. for books
  23. I’m thankful for the ability to read
  24. for the ability to give to others
  25. love
  26. romance
  27. fresh country air
  28. dirt roads
  29. ocean waves
  30. I’m thankful for the gift of all 5 senses to enjoy all these blessings. The ability to touch, taste, hear, see and smell.
  31. Heaven
  32. the hope of the resurrection
  33. prayer
  34. The Holy Spirit’s encouragement
  35. clothes
  36. music
  37. instruments
  38. the ability to learn new things
  39. porch swings
  40. coffee
  41. chocolate
  42. pumpkin pie
  43. animals
  44. I’m thankful to live near a great homeschool community
  45. laughter
  46. joy
  47. I’m thankful for the way tears and suffering bring us closer to God
  48. for friends who help through hard times
  49. for the woods
  50. flowers
  51. rainbows
  52. the smell of fresh cut grass
  53. family road trips
  54. natural supplements
  55. modern medicine
  56. the internet
  57. the smell of old books
  58. book stores
  59. the ability to tuck my children in bed each night
  60. for good mornings and new beginnings
  61. sunrises
  62. sunsets
  63. poetry
  64. beautiful paintings and artwork
  65. gardens
  66. I’m thankful for the clean smell after a cleansing rain
  67. for sweet baby sounds
  68. for our library
  69. I’m thankful to have multiple grocery stores to choose from
  70. for color
  71. for beauty
  72. for the warmth of a hug
  73. smiles
  74. The Cross
  75. God’s promises
  76. blogs
  77. date nights
  78. exercise
  79. hand written letters
  80. cousins for my children to grow up with
  81. I’m thankful for old hymns
  82. For windows to open and let in fresh air
  83. For silly times and inside jokes
  84. good conversation
  85. new life in Christ
  86. I’m thankful that I can do all things through Christ’s strength
  87. funny T.V shows
  88. singing birds
  89. walks
  90. for boats
  91. family dinners
  92. fo lobsters because they are so tasty
  93. and butter because it’s good on lobsters and everything else
  94. I’m thankful that my husband loves me
  95. and that He loves God even more
  96. I’m thankful that God loves me
  97. I’m thankful that Jesus is coming back to get us
  98. I’m thankful for the Thanksgiving holiday
  99. for the ability to praise and worship God
  100. I’m thankful that my blessings far out number this list



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