There Is A Purpose For This Suffering

Last week we unexpectedly ended up spending 2 nights in the hospital with baby TJ. He just had a virus and praise God he is fully recovered. But those nights and days were hard. Really hard. No mom wants to see her child poked and prodded and sick. The second night we were there I was completely and utterly exhausted in every way. I had missed almost 2 entire nights of sleep and I just wanted to go home!

I held my baby boy and cried to God that I wanted to go home. Immediately the Holy Spirit was able to comfort me by once again showing me the big picture and reminding me of my eternal home, heaven.

I was reminded that my true longing was not just for the comfortable place I call home here on earth but that my ultimate longing is for my true home in heaven. I long for a place where my children never get sick, where we aren’t faced with burdens of this life and we dwell in safety in the presence of the Lord.

I believe that small trial that we faced this past week, that felt so hard, was able to work it’s purpose in my heart. Because as with other trying times in my life I was fully able to say, “Come quickly Lord Jesus,” and I really longed to see Him coming in the clouds to get me.

So yes, I believe there is a purpose to suffering as long as that suffering results with God’s children saying, “Come quickly.”


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