Christian Idolatry?

Truth hurts sometimes. This week after getting home from the hospital with TJ I was in desperate need of some encouragement. “I’ll read the children some of the Bible,” I thought. I thought about asking my husband if he wanted to join us but then thought, “No, he’ll want to read something boring like Daniel or Revelation or the Prophets. I need something encouraging right now like the gospels or the epistles.” It was then that I felt God rebuke me in my spirit with His words of, “Then you don’t want God. If you cherry pick My word and are unwilling to take it as I have given it to you, You are not looking for Me, you are looking for feel good self fulfillment. You’re looking for your own God. That’s idolatry.”

I once heard someone say something along the lines of “I know the Holy Spirit speaks to me because He tells me things I don’t want to hear.” Yep, because so often I need God to reveal to me the true wickedness of my heart. He reminds me that I am a sinner, an idolater and worse and yet He still loves me and saved me and is growing me to be more like Him every day. Thank You Lord.

And yes, I will make an effort to know God through those parts of scripture I consider “boring” (just being real here!) because I long for the true and living God and I want to know Who He is and what He has to say.

My husband did join us for a Bible discussion and guess what? I learned some about the book of Daniel!


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